1970s Style

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by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Can you dig it?

The looks of the 1970s--a mix of back-to-nature (think John Denver) and over-the-top flamboyance (think Elton John)--are still shaping fashion and style in the new millennia. So do yourself a solid and make sure you've got the skinny on the five 1970s trends that are still funkadelic:
  • Organics
    Organic materials such as wood, bone and leather were both common and immensely popular. Jewelry designers focusing on using renewable don't need to sacrifice style either--many of these products are available with modern as well as traditional designs and themes.

    They're groovy man!

1970s Style
  • Turquoise and Jade
    Two of the most popular gemstones of the 1970s bright blue turquoise and deep green jade were used in a range of styles from ultra casual to high formal.

    Cool beans!

1970s Style
  • Fringe
    It could be leather on your purse and boots (or your vest if you were Cher)--or long dangling strings of beads on your ears--fringe was stylin' in the Seventies. Seed and bugle bead fringe catch the eye with color and movement while leather works beautifully with other organic materials as well as turquoise and jade.

    Far out!

1970s Style
  • Medallion Pendants
    The peace signs of the 1960s gave jewelry wearers a yen for talismanic pendants that expanded during the 1970s and hasn't really gone away since.

    Right on!

1970s Style
  • Men's Jewelry
    The image of men's jewelry in the Seventies was the heavy gold necklace chain and matching heavy gold ring. Cliché as the look became it spurred men to expand their jewelry choices beyond cuff links watches and class rings.

    These days men aren't stuck with gold and silver chain--there's gunmetal, brass and steel too. If they're not fond of chain (or of losing their chest hair) there's always masculine materials such as Hemalyke™, leather cord and lava rock.

    Ten-four good buddy!

1970s Style

The looks of the 1970s have kept on truckin' up until today. Add them to your jewelry lines and see your sales go dy-no-mite!

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