Jewelry Curiosities Under Glass

by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Keep your treasures safely under glass with clear fillable components. Use drop or focal components for stringing onto chain or have a ready-made piece of jewelry with the ring and bracelet bases. Try these fun ways to fill the dome with tiny trinkets for a beautiful piece of jewelry full of meaning. After creating, be sure to glue the lid on securely with a strong adhesive.


Everyone loves snow globes. Keepsafe Keeper components are especially perfect for creating super cute and fun holiday designs. Start by filling the dome 3/4 to 1/2 way full with white or clear micro beads to use as snow. A dash of glitter adds sparkle and cheer. The closed loop inside some of the drop or focal components is ideal for hanging a smiling snowman, Santa Claus or other favorite seasonal charm.

3D Clay

Three-dimensional polymer clay designs are safe from wear and tear under these glass domes. Combine your favorite colors for a floral, swirling, striped or other intriguing design. Work in glitter as well and bake your clay before putting under glass. Add Gilders Paste® or Swellegant!™ coloring agents to the polymer clay as well and seal with Magic-Glos® or the Swellegant sealant so the color doesn't smudge as you assemble your design. Glue down creations that do not fill the dome before securing dome.

Note: These designs are best to use with the half dome components as the baked clay will not be flexible to fit through narrowed openings.


More three-dimensional designs are possible as well by using jewelry resin or Magic-Glos. Any of the Keepsafe Keeper components are ideal since you fill and design as you go. Pour in layers and suspend seed beads, gemstone chips, Crystal Passions® crystals or whatever you choose. Quickly cure each level with a UV light. Both resins dry clear so designs are easily visible. Wouldn't suspending a fish charm with blue crystal "bubbles" look like he's swimming and be adorable?!

Beach Party

Speaking of fish, nautical and summer beach designs go great with these domed components. Head to your favorite location and pick up some sand--this is a great way to commemorate a vacation or honeymoon. Fill it like the snow globe, leaving room for beach-themed beads and components in the shape of shells, turtles, starfish, anchors, sail boats and more.

Magic-Glos Tools and Supplies

Remembering "I Do"

Commemorative wedding jewelry is also using these unique components. The antiqued brass color of the base on these gives a warm, vintage appeal. Remember the big day by filling a dome with rice or sand from a sand ceremony. After pressing petals from the bouquet, carefully insert those into the dome as well for carrying a bit of it with you wherever you go.

Talk about a versatile jewelry component! We've also seen tiny origami paper creations kept safe under glass and terrarium jewelry. The only limit to design potential is your own imagination and we know THAT won't be a problem.

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