Climb the Ladder Trend

Design Idea B71E Earrings
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Use popular ladder pattern trends to achieve new style heights in jewelry designs.

Climb the Ladder Trend These consecutive rungs create an illusion of movement, causing the eyes of onlookers to be drawn in and through the piece. Often seen with wire or tube beads for a simple yet elegant appearance, more elaborate ladder designs are seen decorated with beads, jumprings and graduated or uniquely shaped rungs. With such a wide assortment of rung styles to use, it's easy to create ladder jewelry that appeals to any style taste.

Create ladder jewelry with side rails of chain, strung beads, links or jewelry-making wire for slightly more flexible creations or wind your favorite color of cording along leather bracelet bases in a ladder pattern for a structured appearance.

While ladders are most useful vertical, ladder jewelry is not only up and down. Turn these successive rungs on their side for a horizontal ladder pattern when creating bracelets, some necklaces, anklets or hot upper am jewelry. No piece of jewelry is above this trend, as ladders have been showing up on necklaces, earrings, body chains and more.

Climb the Ladder Trend

Ladder jewelry is a favorite design for more casual outfits to go with carefree summer days, but that doesn't mean ladder patterns don't lend themselves well to year-round or more formal jewelry styles. No matter your or your customers' preferences, there's a piece of ladder jewelry any fashion seeker will enjoy. Fun to wear and visually intriguing, ladder jewelry designs provide endless variations for the creative designer-artist.

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Climb the Ladder Trend