Custom Gadget and Accessory Embellishment

Design Idea F52S Tablet Case

by Anne Marie Hunter, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

If you are looking for a new selection of up-to-the-minute products to offer customers, consider the possibilities of custom-embellished accessories and electronic devices. Virtually every day, tech companies introduce cutting-edge devices--many of which immediately become the newest consumer must-have. How do people express their personalities amidst a sea of identical cell phones and other technology? By customizing tech accessories with rhinestones and other sparkly things!

Offering your customers one-of-a-kind custom phone cases or personalized earbuds does not necessitate stocking hundreds of expensive devices. Simply offer samples and images of bling phone cases to generate orders.

Creative possibilities for custom embellishments on electronic devices and accessories can be measured in gigabytes. Headphones, earbuds, cell phone cases, tablet covers and more can all be embellished. Design your customers' latest tech devices with an extensive variety of jewelry-making products or components.

As a safety note, it is critical not to pierce the device with any tool or sharp object when affixing jewelry-making components. In addition, it is not recommended to use a hot-fix applicator on electronic devices.

Some of the many jewelry techniques you might explore for custom phone or tablet cases include beaded embroidery, pave rhinestones, couching, gluing and many more. There are many glues to select from, depending on the surface of the accessory you are customizing. Explore options in the ''Glues'' tutorial or the ''Glue Types and Information'' chart for detailed information on adhesives.

Glues and Adhesives

Many products you may be asked to customize will have flat surfaces. There is a galaxy of flat back components available for your designs. Glamorous flat-back Crystal Passions® embellishments and flat backs will certainly add the "wow" factor to any device. Glass pearl cabochons, available in a variety of shapes and colors (including bright neon), will look terrific on a variety of gadgets. ''The Art of Embellishment: Tips for Scrapbooking and Card-Making'' provides a number of excellent ideas and material suggestions for flat surface designs.

In addition, several tools are available to assure secure and accurate placement of embellishments on a device surface or its cover. With their different applications, the Tweezer-Vac™, Crystal Katana or a rhinestone positioner like Embellie Gellie™ are all excellent options, depending on your specific design need.

Rhinestone Positioner Tools

Cabochons and cabochon settings offer a world of other possibilities. Incorporating mountings and settings such as filigree styles lends richness to designs. Explore creative options and techniques in the article ''Versatile Cabochon Uses'' and in the how-to video, ''How To Use Fancy Bezel Settings With Cabochons.''

My Style Deco Art™ are adhesive sheets that are perfect for creating high impact on flat surfaces with minimal effort. Cupchain is another terrific design element to include in a custom gadget design because individual links can be added to settings or sewn onto fabric--such as soft tablet covers. For creative cupchain ideas, explore ''Throw off Sparks with Rhinestone Cupchain.''

Pavé-style ornamentation, using rhinestones or other crystal components, is one of the many creative options for cell phone cases or other hard-cover accessory designs, including tablets. Explore pavé-style embellishment with Apoxie® Sculpt or 2-part epoxy for additional possibilities.

Custom Gadget and Accessory Embellishment

Deck out a device with undrilled components in gemstone, acrylic, shell, metal, wood or other materials. For music lovers, amp up the cool factor on headphones, or other similar accessories, by adding guitar picks and other music-related findings.

If you plan to customize tablet covers, you might draw ideas from handbag embellishment. In the article ''Handbags are Jewelry, Too.'' discover design inspiration that will easily transfer to custom tablet covers. For tablet covers or cases, consider adding a chain for over-the-shoulder convenience. When offering custom phone case designs through your website or an online marketplace, excellent photographs will certainly increase possibilities for orders. Explore Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' informative jewelry photography resources for creating images that show just how beautiful your designs are.

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