Style Snapshot: Macrame

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by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

While macramé isn't new by any means, this technique is seeing a surge in most-wanted jewelry, accessories and fashion as '70s and retro trends continue to revive. Macramé is a technique of knotting cord to produce a pattern similar to a lace-like band. Often seen in household décor such as plant hangers, macramé is no stranger to use in jewelry, belts, purses and more.

Jude Wroblewski Jewelry Artist Bio Jewelry designer Jude, who has a penchant for macramé, was originally taught the technique when she was only 6 by her grandmother back when "you were limited to big fat chunky jute or seine cord. If you were lucky, you could find some waxed linen. Now there is an endless supply of materials and colors." Popular materials to use today include cotton, hemp, silk and leather--all in a rainbow of color options.

Jude loves "how I can make a unique piece that has my personal touch. It is the same as working with metal or clay, but instead it is with fibers and knots."
Style Snapshot: Macrame

Macramé does it all from jewelry to clothing, plant holders to belts, wall hangings and more. It is a texturally interesting trend that pairs exceptionally well with popular end fringe and tassel looks. Style Snapshot: Macrame
Cord Style Snapshot: Macrame

Style Snapshot: Macrame Macramé is an ageless technique ideal for creating casual and festival-going accessories as well as more refined styles woven with Swarovski® crystals, pearls or gemstones.
Style Snapshot: Macrame Macramé Supplies

This versatile technique lends itself well to gender neutral or masculine designs as well, especially when woven with darker color tones and paired with metallic findings and pendants. Style Snapshot: Macrame
Style Snapshot: Macrame

Style Snapshot: Macrame When learning this knotting technique, Jude suggests, "Start out with 0.5-1mm waxed cord. It is easier to handle and will hold the knot." These small diameters also make it easier to find complementary beads and findings when working them into designs. Of course, macramé can be as large or small as you prefer, with micro macramé a popular way to weave intricate, delicate patterns.
Style Snapshot: Macrame Wood Beads and Macramé Cord

Start knotting your way to creative fun with macramé jewelry styles everyone and their mother is after.

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