"Barely There" Jewelry Chain

Design Idea K54W Necklace and Earring Set
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Less is more with the barely there jewelry trend featuring petite chain.

You don't have to scream your fashion prowess; simply the presence of this understated style emanates your fashionista status. Thin, lightweight and delicate in appearance, Gossamer™ Chain continues to be a favorite jewelry addition for any outfit, any day and any occasion.

With a minimalist approach, the barely there jewelry chain trend is usually worn alone. High-profile starlets including the Olsen twins, Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus are choosing a small chain bracelet, anklet or single-strand necklace to add just a hint of glint to their wardrobe. Other jewelry pieces spotted also include ''bikini necklace'' styles, body chain (both especially statement making when paired with plunging necklines) and ear threads.

"Barely There" Jewelry Chain

Precious metal, specifically sterling silver, is a favorite material though plated and finished options give a similar appearance for those with smaller budgets. Stainless steel is a favorite metal for the everyday, savvy jewelry wearer who wants to combine durability with a polished silver-tone gleam. Intricate links, patterned textures or diamond-cut chain helps add extra glisten and draw attention while allowing the jewelry piece to remain extra-small.

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This style is often worn sans embellishment, with the focus solely on the chain. Some jewelry pieces, however, do have a single pendant, charm or other dainty adornments. Thin wire formed into geometric shapes is popular and adds extra interest while still remaining true to the barely there appearance of this trend.

Ear Threads It's easy to join in this trend with Gossamer chain. Life may be complicated, but this simple--and stylish--trend makes sure accessorizing doesn't have to be difficult.

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