Aim for Bullet Jewelry

Design Idea B55Z Necklace
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Bullet jewelry is a popular accessory for a number of demographics including ''Western Jewelry Trend'' enthusiasts, military personnel and family members, males and others. See right here some of the interesting ways designer-artists are creating jewelry with spent shell casings or making bullet-shaped focals out of their favorite jewelry-making supplies.

Note: NEVER attempt to use live ammunition in jewelry. Use only spent casings or empty shells.

Item Numer 7268JD Leather Bracelet with Bullets Empty Shells:

Drill a hole in the end and use an empty shell as a charm or pendant. It's not uncommon to see empty shells on Western-themed bracelets featuring horses, cowboy boots, turquoise drops and an existing bullet charm. Add flat-backed rhinestones along the sides of the shell to add surface interest. Wrapping wire or a filigree focal around the casing is another way designers are decorating shells and the cutouts provide more embellishment opportunities. Lastly, pointed gemstones or crystals are added to the empty end of the shell, giving the casing a more bullet-like appearance once again, but with a decidedly less dangerous appearance.

Casing End:

Use just the end of the bullet where the caliber and manufacturer are usually labeled by carefully ''Sawing Metal'' off this piece. Placing a flat back crystal in the center is a quick way to add just a touch of bling. Ends are then sometimes glued to pendant, ring or other settings. Can't find a setting that fits? Pick a slightly larger setting and decorate around the casing end with cupchain, ball chain or other favorite embellishments. Smaller casing ends have been seen in the center of flowers created with jumprings or fabric such as kanzashi. These casing ends have also been glued to flat pad findings for quick and easy earstuds, cuff links or a tie tac.

Making Bullets:

You're not making real bullets; you're just giving the appearance of one. Tim Cronkhite, an avid jewelry designer here at Fire Mountain Gems, created two bullet-like designs he wears proudly and often. This black bullet design was created with Apoxie® Sculpt, but could also be created with polymer clay or metal clay for an authentic gleam. Leave the bullet as is, or decorate with any of the previous embellishment ideas as well as Gilders Paste® or Swellegant!™ patinas and colorants.
Aim for Bullet Jewelry

Aim for Bullet Jewelry You're sure to hit a bull's-eye with the bullet jewelry trend and have a ton of fun while creating.

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