Design Idea 9840 Tiara
by Leslie McLane, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

White doesn't tend to be a favorite color, but its use in design is not to be overlooked. Since white is often viewed as a non-color, it provides negative space to direct focus. This neutral color can also define and help make other pigments stand out or tone down otherwise overpowering hues.

Style Snapshot: White IS a Color

Style Snapshot: White IS a Color In color theory, white is most often associated with words such as "clean," "youth" and "pure," making it an ideal color to use when creating wedding designs. Crystal and silver are often seen as variants of white in jewelry and both pair perfectly with the hue for elegant results. White is a crisp and sleek color that does not clash with any other hues. White can be stark and modern or classy and vintage, depending on the design itself or on complementary beads and components.

White is also entirely gender neutral with no pre-existing determinations of femininity or masculinity. For this reason, white is an excellent choice as an accent color in men's jewelry since it can be both bold in its own right or make other design elements seem prominent. For more feminine designs, think of the classic white small pearl necklaces worn by the iconic Jackie O or Marilyn Monroe as well as the larger, multi-strand necklace of white pearls and crystal-encrusted centerpiece on Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Try some of these materials to start designing with white:

White Beads and Components

And remember, white doesn't have to always be a pristine bright color. Consider using cream, off-white or opalescent hues to soften edges and create a demure appearance that is understated and ravishing. White may just become your new favorite color when it comes to wearing or designing sought-after handmade jewelry.

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