Design Idea B70J Necklace and Earrings
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Mood Rings Fashion, including jewelry, is cyclic. Styles from the ’70s are movin’ and groovin’ their way back into popular accessories and continually gaining popularity. One iconic jewelry piece from that era was the mood ring. The modern mood jewelry trend, though, has gone way past those cheap quarter machine prizes.

Far better quality than mood rings of the past, color-changing components look professional, are longer lasting and add a touch of nostalgic, funky fun to jewelry designs. Popular mood jewelry designs include other vogue-again throwback trends such as macramé and swingin’ pendants. Shop from cabochons for mood rings or string a necklace, bracelet or anklet with mood beads for an updated take on retro designs. Throw in a mood charm for good measure and you’ve got vibrant, far-out jewelry. Can you dig this shape and design selection!?

Color Changing Components

So, how do mood components work anyway? While some people will tell you the stones are magic, the truth is, mood jewelry is a lot more scientific. Tiny liquid crystals inside components directly react to temperature changes. The crystals twist in different ways, altering their molecular structure and how wavelengths of light are reflected or absorbed. Both atmospheric and the individual’s temperature affect the resulting color. But honestly, it’s a lot more fun to make these “stones” sound a little mysterious and attribute colors to moods.

Our in-house jewelry designers made their own cute interpretations more like jewelry maker fortunes rather than fleeting moods. Grab your mood components and hold them for a few seconds or so to see where you match up in the legend below.

Yellow Yellow
You are energetic like neon pearls.
Purple Purple
Night Owl--creativity hits you at dusk.
Green Green
You are about to come into money you can use to expand your bead collection.
Orange Orange
You love to smile and laugh. Wearing bells is good for you.
Pink Pink
Energetic and graceful--pearls and clear gemstones really make you glow.
Blue Blue
Your are very passionate about Swarovski® crystals.
Teal Teal
You're soul searching. Have fun ''finding'' yourself in the findings selection here.
Turquoise Turquoise
To improve your metabolism shop for more Turquoise.
Brown Brown
You need more color in your life. Have you considered beads?

Tip: You’ll always see the most dramatic color change when you first put on mood jewelry rather than after it has been worn all day.

If you prefer a more traditional interpretation of emotional color, grab your color-changing jewelry to determine your current mood with this chart:

Yellow - Excited Orange - Nervous, Confused Pink - Joyful
Purple - Happy Blue - Relaxed, Calm Teal - In Love, Flirty
Turquoise - Passionate Green - Neutral Brown - Stressed

Print a color chart to set up with mood components or finished jewelry for customers to enjoy discovering their moods. Once the piece is in their hand, they’re one step closer to finishing that purchase. Get down with the cool cats who know mood jewelry is in and fab.

Catch you on the flip side!

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