Angels for Cancer

by Karon Wurst

I began making cancer jewelry to sell at my local farmers market in May, and giving 50% of my proceeds to the cancer research center. By the end of the season (the last of October) I had sent them $300.00. Well getting back to my story, I went to Rochester, MN for more colors of beads as my local stores were limited. I went to Michael's and found my first angel beads. I was so excited, I went home and made up a bunch of them and sold several that week at the market. Then I went to Joanne's Fabric and found different sizes of angel beads as well as a different style. So I did not have to go 45 miles out of my way for beads now. Then yesterday I was given a 2010-2011 Fire Mountain Gems catalog and found almost every kind of angel. Think of what my market will be like this next year with all of the different angels in all of the cancer colors!

Inspiration for Story: Having several family members ill with and some even dying from cancer. Also, taking care of a cancer patient.