Return of the Hairpin in Jewelry

Design Idea 88UK Hairpins
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Hairpins have been long viewed as estate sale jewelry or something your grandma may have collecting dust in her jewelry box. Decorative hairpins are returning in a big way though, combining functionality with fashionable designs.

Design Idea 650J Hairpin Wedding fashion especially loves the hairpin trend, making it easy to keep the bride’s updo in place and strands of hair out of her face. A popular way to embellish hair pins for bridal jewelry is with seed beads woven into flowers and vines. Other adornments include silk kanzashi flowers or polymer clay formed into petals. Wirework isn’t out of the wedding hair jewelry category either, with small gauge wire in a multitude of twists, turns and wrapping. Most of these wedding hairpins are in a clear, white or pastel floral tone, though that doesn’t mean you couldn’t add a bright pop of color by incorporating a hue from the wedding palette.
Design Idea D236 Hairpin

Summer is a perfect time to explore the hairpin jewelry trend, enabling women to keep their hair up off their neck for a cool (literally and figuratively) look. Fashionistas are always looking for ways to wear their bling with swimsuits, though some jewelry can be ruined by pool or ocean water. Hairpins are high enough out of the way they are unlikely to get wet, unless you decide to cannonball. This is also a more fashionable way to keep dyed, bleached or otherwise chemically treated hair up out of potentially color-damaging chlorine and chemicals than simple banana clips. Design Idea F931 Hair Clip

Design Idea F542 Hairpins For this summery hair jewelry or other everyday designs, a single embellishment is most popular. Choose a charm, button, Crystal Passions® flat back, cabochon, or other component to adhere to the end of a hair pin for a touch of pizzazz. Even create special occasion hairpins for holidays such as Christmas by choosing a festive charm.

There is truly no limit other than the imagination for creating hairpin jewelry. Choose a small embellishment for a touch of sparkle or create bold pieces that are sure to be conversation starters.

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