Destination Designs

Destination Designs
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Do you have a favorite destination? Somewhere you'd rather be or somewhere with special memories? Immortalize places you've come to love, or that your customers love, with destination jewelry creations. WGSN spotted designers and accessory brand names such as Evocateur, Dogeared Jewelry and Moyna using maps, cutout shapes of locations and seed bead embellishments to channel this trend.

First of all, pick a place, any place, every place is a winner. It doesn't even have to be far, and could be within your very own city. Hometown pride plays on this idea making sports arenas, college campuses, parks or other recreational buildings an ideal choice for immortalizing in jewelry. Perhaps you'd rather pick a far-off place, one you may not have visited, but still holds your interest--including popular tourist areas in other nations. Wherever you choose, each piece holds history and a story, something most people enjoy in their jewelry purchases.

Creating an Resin Frame Pendant Map It Out

This incredibly popular style has a bit of a weathered look to it, as if the piece of jewelry actually traveled to, explored and came back from the destination. For this reason, repurposed maps are an excellent choice to create a vintage effect. Don't have a map? Piddix crafting paper has a "World Tour" sheet with famous landmarks. Use all the steps for ''Creating an Resin Frame Pendant'', but instead use a map clipping. Note: Be sure to seal the map with regular Scotch® tape first to prevent color bleeding. Any closed-back mount, bezel or setting will work in small to large sizes for pendants, bracelet charms, earrings and more.

Piddix Crafting Paper

Cut It Out

Do you have a favorite state? This could be where you were born or raised or somewhere with an attraction you love to visit. Create pendants or brooches by cutting metal sheet of any color with a jeweler's saw into the shape of the state or shapes affiliated with the state--think (big) apple for New York. Use a heart or star to indicate the capital or favorite place. State abbreviations are popular embellishment possibilities, too. Attach these with glue or use cold connections such as riveting to give an extra touch of handmade.
Metal Sheet

The embellishment craze is in full swing. Beads, rhinestones and sew-on jewelry components are being put on--pretty much--everything. Combine destinations with this concept for a piece of jewelry that capitalizes on two big trends at the same time. Cover change pouches, purses, cuff bracelets and any other surface with bugle and seed beads using colors to spell out locations or phrases associated with places such as "Vegas Baby," "I Luv NY," etc. Include shapes of well-known landmarks (think Golden Gate for San Fran or Space Needle for Seattle) if you have room. The result is textural, eye-catching and doubly stylish.

Seed and Bugle Beads

For other ideas on jewelry inspired by locations, read the ''Longitude and Latitude Wedding Jewelry'' article, but apply the same principles to your travel adventures rather than those of a to-be wed couple. The world is at your designing fingertips.

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