Rhinestone-Decorated Graduation Cap

Design Idea G20B Graduation Cap

by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

The big day has arrived: Graduation Day. Years in the making, it is the ceremony that is culmination of many semester hours of diligent effort. As a graduate, it's easy to get lost in the throng of identical caps and gowns, all sitting in the gymnasium or stadium, waiting for their diploma. How are your family and friends going to be able to spot you from the bleachers? And how are you going to stand out and make your own statement about this important milestone? Here's how: Decorate your graduation cap, or have someone do it for you.


As always, the materials used to decorate will depend on factors such as time, money and the design itself. There's one other factor to consider: Will this graduation cap be a keepsake? Let's face it, most unadorned caps are boring, but a personalized, bling-endowed cap is worth holding onto. Literally so in fact, so it shouldn't be tossed in the air at the end of the ceremony.

The old-school (ha!) method consisted of hastily piecing together a simple text message (e.g. Hire Me) using masking tape or, a step up, using adhesive-backed letters. But cap decorating designs have now become more ambitious and downright blingy with rhinestones being an ideal choice for embellishment.



Flat back rhinestones are ideal for embellishing graduation caps because they can easily attached to the flat cap surface. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has a terrific selection of colors, shapes and sizes to suit your imagination.

There are two types of flat back rhinestones to choose from: standard and hot fix. Standard is applied with glue (there are several choices of glue) while hot fix already has adhesive that is activated with a hot-fix heater.

Here is an example of how you can embellish a graduation cap with rhinestones:

Rhinestone-Decorated Graduation Cap

Designed by Esther, one of our very own resident artist-designers, this cap is a playground of Swarovski rhinestones that recreate the Fire Mountain Gems logo. The colors include Siam, glacier, Sonoran and jet black.

Esther used a piece of black scrap leather to represent the mountain. To represent the fire and lava flow, she affixed to the leather the flat back rhinestones using a hot-fix heater for the hot-fix rhinestones and black Apoxie Sculpt® adhesive for the standard rhinestones. This is a graduation cap that is definitely a keepsake and it's a beautiful work of art.

As you can see, the mortarboard is an open canvas for you to express yourself. And with a great selection of rhinestones and other embellishment materials, you're sure to go to the head of the (graduating) class.

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