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Wood jewelry is by no means new. It has been used for centuries and remains a classic component of jewelry design. Wooden jewelry components can confer an earthy, elegant or modern feel. This versatility means that you can create everything from high-end jewelry paired with gold and gemstones to lightweight modern pieces perfect for the summer. Whatever look you are after, chances are there is a wood jewelry component that fits.

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To get an earthy, natural feel to your jewelry, try pairing wood components with other natural materials, like horn, bone and shell. Similar to rough-cut crystals, wood can also be left with raw edges for some extra organic flair.

Elegant mid-century modern styles can be achieved by pairing dark wood components with faceted gemstones and gold. By keeping your creation simple with clean lines, your jewelry will have an elegant feel to it. To create a more Victorian sense of elegance try combining gemstone cabochons with wood settings.

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For modern pieces, lightweight laser-cut components are a natural fit. They come in a variety of modern designs and can be combined with colorful glass beads to add a little extra pop. Use brightly colored wood beads to bring a modern touch to boho style pieces.

Laser-Cut Wood Components

Wood bangle bracelets are a perennial favorite that should also be mentioned here; they can be painted, beaded or embellished to achieve whatever style you like.

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Wood is a material that runs through the fabric of our society, everything from homes to sunglass frames are made of this remarkable resource. Why not branch out and see what jewelry you can create using this versatile material?

Wood Beads and Components

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