Style Snapshot: Wood Jewelry

Design Idea E60K Necklace and Earrings
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Wood jewelry is by no means new, having been a material used since people first decided to adorn themselves. Traditionally, wood in jewelry is used to create an earthy vibe, one inspired by rich cultural history or to commune with nature. Wooden jewelry has once again been on the rise thanks to an increasing focus on eco-awareness and a desire to use what is familiar in novel ways.

Style Snapshot: Wood Jewelry While wood jewelry and accessories isn't a new concept, the designs showing up on today's fashion runways are seeing a fresh update. We're seeing all manner of accessories from extra-popular bangle bracelets to sunglass frames made from wood. These designs emphasize architectural silhouettes and precisely cutout patterns. This geometric infusion creates juxtaposition of old and new, heightened by combining the naturally rich color and woodgrain textures with "modern" materials such as clean, sleek gold- or silver-colored metals.

It's also not uncommon to see this so-called primitive material combined or inlaid with resin in asymmetrical or concentric patterns. Of course, wood jewelry is still showing up with the use of other natural materials including horn, bone and shell. Similar to the rough-cut crystal trend, wood and other organic supplies are sometimes left with raw shapes and intriguing freeform cuts. Despite often being large designs, wooden jewelry is loved for its light weight, especially during warmer seasons. After all, no one wants to be weighed down or even potentially burned by their metallic jewelry while out enjoying the sun.

Wood Bracelet Bases

Humans love to reinvent themselves, and what better way than to start at the root? Wood has been our go-to source for building materials and therefore a large contributor to our creative exploration. It makes sense this material continues to enthrall us as designer-artists possessing the desire to design with Earth-friendly renewable materials and feed our need to grow or create jewelry in new ways.

Style Snapshot: Wood Jewelry

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