Jewelry Designer Christmas Wish List

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by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Dear Santa Claus,
Our in-house jewelry designers have a few things they want from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads for Christmas--and truth be told, we're pretty sure they're on the ''Nice List'' this year. We also think this wish list could be a handy gift guide for you (and other people shopping for jewelry makers) to figure out the perfect present for designer-artists.


I think Esther said it best, ''I want everything! LOL.'' But, knowing she had to narrow it down for your elves, Esther picked the Torch Burner Professional torch. ''We have this in our work room and it is awesome!'' This twist-on head turns a butane can into a torch. Reaching temperatures of 2300°F (1260°C), this torch is great for firing silver metal clays, repairing jewelry, metal sculpting, wax working, enameling and some glass uses. It's easy to start, has an ergonomic pistol-grip handle and features a flame adjustment knob that lets you fine-tune the flame.

Vitrearc and Thompson Opaque Enameling Starter Set
Torch Burner Professional

To go with the torch, Esther's second wish list item is the Vitrearc© and Thompson opaque enameling starter set because they are ''a perfect pair for Christmas!'' This set provides an ideal way to start an enameling workshop or to round out enameling supplies already owned.



Tripod and Mesh Screen Set

It's ''very difficult to choose one,'' said Anna, but she's asking for the same torch as Esther plus a tripod and mesh screen set. Anna loves to enamel glass and this lightweight torch would make the process at home much easier, dear St. Nick. The steel tripod and mesh screen complement the torch, making it easy to evenly heat glass on all sides--even underneath. The set is also great for forming bezels and soldering metal. The tripod is 9 inches tall, easy to assemble (or disassemble) and comes with two 5x5-inch square mesh screens. Extra mesh screens are also available.

Jewelry Designer Christmas Wish List


Our department head, Tom, immediately knew what he wanted for Christmas: the Jooltool™. This sharpening and polishing system grinds, sharpens, sands, deburrs, polishes and even more. The revolutionary, portable set is, as Tom says, ''probably the easiest, most versatile buffing tool on the market right now.'' It works on metal clays, polymer clays and even finished jewelry.

Jooltool and Accessories
Prometheus Metal Clay

If possible, jolly ol' St. Nicholas, Tom would also like Prometheus® metal clay; a perfect complement to the Jooltool. Finally, a metal clay--other than silver--that can be fired with a torch. Tom is also a fan of the longer working time since he tends to be a bit of a perfectionist. And during this extended working time, pieces are dense and strong to resist cracks or breaks thanks to high metal content of the powder and binder ratio.


The full set of Wubbers® jewelry-making pliers is ''what I really, really want,'' says Jude. ''I like the way they fit in my hand.'' The inventor of Wubbers pliers--Patti Bullard, PhD--designed these pliers with angled handles for a powerful grip, while padded, no-slip textured surfaces reduce hand fatigue. Another benefit is the satin finish on the jaws, improving hold and minimizing the chance of marring wire. This set features chain-nose, round-nose, bent chain-nose and flat-nose pliers all made from stainless steel with lap joint jaws and double leaf springs. Plus, they come in a snazzy black zippered case for safe storage and travel--including bumpy sleigh rides.


Last, but not least, our jewelry designer Rose was ecstatic to be sending you her wish list, ''Wow, if I could wish for anything in our product line!!!! Hmmm ... '' She decided on the Clover brand beading loom, and Rose went into great detail about why. ''I had the opportunity to use this loom to make illustrated uses here at FMG and I love it. It is lightweight and yet very well built. It is super versatile and the grooves to hold your warp threads are nice and deep, unlikely to let threads slip out. It is super easy to adjust the tension.'' She even loves the purple color scheme.

Lortone Tumbler and Accessories
Clover Brand Beading Loom

Her runner-up gift request is the Lortone tumbler and accompanying tumbling supplies. ''I have always wanted to take mysterious rocks, tumble them, polish them and see how they turn out. It is also great for shining up metal pieces.'' Rose had another suggestion, and this gift would make things easy for you and your busy elves, ''The best thing I could possibly get is a great big Fire Mountain Gems Gift Certificate to buy anything I want.'' After all, you can't go wrong with a one-size-fits-all gift certificate.


Hopefully this assists you and your elves to complete several jewelry-making gift lists. Oh, if you need some other ideas--or stocking stuffers--these resources might be helpful, too: Warmest wishes to you and Mrs. Claus from Grants Pass,
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

P.S. Please give all the reindeer an extra carrot just for us.