Jewelry Wreaths

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by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

A jewelry wreath is a festive, fun way to create holiday--or even everyday--décor. Similar to Jewelry Bouquets, a jewelry wreath replaces live flowers and branches with brooches, beaded strands, tulle bows and other fun embellishments. No more generic wreaths drying out, dropping needles or needing replaced every year. Completely personalized and great as gifts, jewelry wreaths are a blast to make.

Start by choosing a theme: holiday, color scheme, etc. Christmas is the most common holiday where wreaths are hung, but door décor has been growing in popularity for all other occasions as well. Try red, white and blue for military holidays; pink, red and white for Valentine's Day; orange and black for Halloween; and any other combinations you can think of.

Jewelry Wreaths Jewelry Wreaths

Next, pick the size. Wreaths can be as small or as large as you want. Just remember, the larger the wreath, the more materials you'll need for the final product. Choose a base: florist ring, Styrofoam or even pool noodles glued together at their ends. Finally, decide whether you want the possibility of the base showing. If not, wrap and glue the base material with burlap, garland, tulle or even spray paint for a different color peeking through.

Before you actually start decorating the ring, it's recommended to lay out your pieces in a circle on your work surface and play around until you're content with how it looks. To achieve design balance, it can help to visually break up the circle into more manageable sections by separating portions with strips of ribbon. Cluster all your pieces together and then fill in smaller gaps afterward.

Jewelry Wreaths

Finally, start applying your design! Apply to just one section or cover the whole ring. Use pinbacks already attached to brooches, add pinbacks to other components, secure with pins, wrap with colored jewelry-making wire or glue directly onto the ring. Note: Adding a dab of adhesive to all pins ensures a little extra security.

Here are some jewelry-making component ideas to add:

Get as creative as you want. Custom jewelry wreaths are sure to spice up holiday sales and gifting opportunities, as well as your own front door.

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