Donated Gift Boxes for Mother's Day

Donated Gift Boxes for Mother
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' vision statement says, "We are an evolving community of passionate individuals, each of us, dedicated to creating magical experiences for our customers, employees and suppliers." We love hearing about those experiences and when our customers help create magical experiences for others. One school volunteer named Judith Kirkpatrick in Las Cruces, New Mexico, contacted us asking about gift boxes. She wanted to help the students of her local elementary school make and present Mother's Day jewelry gifts. Here's what happened:

Hello Fire Mountain Friends,

About three months ago, I e-mailed a request for a "good price" for gift boxes for my project for the school where I volunteer as a reading tutor (for 2nd graders). I received a very quick reply, from the appropriate department, asking for more information about my fundraising program. I simply said I was going to help/teach the Central Elementary School students to make bracelets (of good stones, glass, crystal) for Mother's Day.

I filled out all the paperwork, gave a website for the Las Cruces, NM, school and for two weeks heard nothing. During an activity day dedicated to Special Ed students, the principal asked me why I was having my mail directed to her office. You wonderful people had sent me three large boxes of 100 jewelry gift boxes in each. When I showed her what was in the boxes, she was as thrilled as I was, but she still asked me to move the boxes from her office. I plan to take more pictures, but the enclosed is from the first class I taught to make bracelets. While waiting for their bracelets, the kids decorated YOUR boxes! It is from Mrs. Arellano's 2nd graders.

There are 270+ children at Central Elementary, and now I cannot walk down the hall without a child asking me "Is my bracelet ready, yet?" I put the last ring on the end of the wire with the crimp to finish each bracelet. In a nutshell, I give them a wire attached to a fold-over clasp with a group of beads of several colors and bling, and then I take what the children have designed and return the finished product. It sometimes takes a couple of days because there are a lot of kids and I am one person!

Thanks again, I hope to take more pictures--I got the clasps and a lot of findings from Fire Mountain.

Judith Kirkpatrick
Las Cruces, NM 88012

Sometimes "uniting the world one bead at a time™" turns out to be a batch of gift boxes. We hope every mother felt special and loved when they opened the hand-decorated gift box with a beautiful handmade bracelet inside. Thank you, Judith, for contacting us and for donating your own time to the kids in your community.

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