SCollar Tips and Sweater Guards

Design Idea 99AV Sweater Guard
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Collar tips and sweater guards (or sweater clips) are jewelry trends worth your designing attention. This style provides unique ways to personalize or add a bit of bling to blouses, dress shirts or other collared articles of clothing. Accessorize and personalize in ways you may not have thought of!

Alligator Clip Clasps “Sweater guards?” you ask. Yes! As retro trends like ''SMacramé'' and color blocking continue to rise in prominent fashion, so do jewelry types. The sweater guard, while originally worn on sweaters--obviously--does not have to just be worn on said clothing. Also seen on the tips of collars, sweater guards add a bit of bling near your throat where necklaces sometimes just don't show up well unless they are long. Sweater guards conveniently attach to the tips of collars or sweaters with the help of alligator clips or pins. Crystal Passions® crystal rivolis are favorites for this style, then linked together by chain matching the crystal's mounting. Other design elements include custom brooches--such as those made from polymer clay or pressed glass--charms and filigree components that are easily linked with jumprings and chain.

Collar Tips and Sweater Guards

Not all collar jewelry is linked. Spot pins are in the fashion limelight, so why not wear more than one? Wear matching spot pins (one on each point of the collar) to bring attention to the structured look of button-up shirts. This trend is completely unisex and works great for adding holiday homage such as paired American flags for patriotic occasions, hearts for Valentine's Day, etc. Even show support for a cause with awareness ribbon spot pins or mustaches for Movember. Small-sized brooches or rhinestuds work just as well.

One final way to dress up those collars is with collar tips. A similarly unisex design element, these tips are slid onto the pointed ends of collars then tightly pinched. Fold a filigree component or shape your own triangle or chevron shape with metal clay to add a touch of metal jewelry decoration to any and all blouses, button-ups or other structured shirts and jackets. Collar tips are sometimes seen adorned with pearls or flat back rhinestones for added feminine flair.

Dress up collared shirts to accessorize in new ways. Each trend easily translates to women's, men's or androgynous style for appealing to your targeted demographic.

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