The Anklet - A Bracelet for the Legs

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by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Flashing your ankle used to be scandalous--embellishing it with ankle jewelry? Even more so.

The anklet has come in and out of fashion for the past 4,000 years. It's a popular jewelry style in cultures around the world. And why not? We wear bangles and baubles on our wrists, after all. Ankles are not so different. So feel a little scandalous this summer: put on some jewelry and flash those ankles!

Here are four ways the style is expressing itself right now:

1. It's Barely There

One of the strongest forces in ankle jewelry is part of the ''Barely There'' jewelry trend.

Gossamer Chain™ and other superfine chains come in bracelet lengths which are easy to adapt to this style of ankle jewelry. Be sure to add a chain extender so your creation fits a wider selection of customers. (Adding a decorative bead or drop to the dangling end of the extender increases your fun, too!)

A single link as a centerpiece of the design brings just a little color and style to the trend, while link or diamond-cut chain styles add flash.

They'll forget they're wearing it!

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2. Color and Sparkle

Beaded chain, beaded stretch cord, crystal drops and cupchain are popular choices for adding color and sparkle to draw the eye to the ankle.

One common way to add lots of beads or charms is the ''barefoot sandal'' (or ''slave anklet'') style. The barefoot sandal is a great choice for brides (and bridesmaids!) at casual beachside or garden weddings, too.

Just stay away from hot asphalt!

The Anklet - A Bracelet for the Legs
The Anklet - A Bracelet for the Legs

3. Make Your Chain

Connect fancy, beaded or tube links, jump rings, split rings, mixed chain styles or bead-weaving sections together to make your own anklet chains from component parts.

Can't bend over and fuss with tiny clasps? Use bracelet memory wire or create a wirework shape instead!

Easy on, easy off!

The Anklet - A Bracelet for the Legs

Other popular styles include fiber-wrapped cord, colorful tassels, tiny feathers and miniature charms. We've even spotted BFF anklets--a matched pair sold together, and each friend gets one--and men's anklets made with leather cord and a bold link (such as red jasper, stainless steel or bone).

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