Mermaid Crowns and Mermaid Jewelry

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by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Look at these crowns! Don't they look neat? Make one for yourself; your collection's complete! You'll be the girl--the girl who has everything!

Jewelry and accessories have finally come out from under the sea.

Mermaid Style

Ever since people put boats on the water, we've dreamed about other people who live deep down in the water. From Ariel of Disney's The Little Mermaid to Aquaman of the DC Universe, the idea of half-human beings have made us long to be part of their world.

The beautiful mermaid, with her gorgeous voice, lovely face and seashell top has captured our imaginations--and she's resurging as a fashion favorite. Fashionistas are wearing mermaid hair, nautical nails, fishscale hosiery, sea life jewelry and--of course--mermaid crowns.

Mermaid Jewelry

Designers such as Alex Woo are making mermaid-themed jewelry using mermaid charms, shells, shell beads, seed beads, lampworked glass sea life beads and components and lots more to make mermaid-appropriate jewelry.

Whether your customers prefer the barely there look that goes great with Gossamer Chain™--or if they're part of the more-is-more school--there's a style of mermaid jewelry for them.

Mermaid Crowns

What's really making trend-setters flounder over their style? Australian designer Chelsea Shiels' stunning mermaid crowns.

These aren't the flower crowns made popular at music festivals worldwide. And these aren't your mothers' rhinestone tiaras, either. Shiels makes elaborate crowns using a variety of sea shells, charms, Swarovski® crystal beads and flat backs--and more.

Yes, you want one. Look at them--you know you do! Possibly you want two ... there is one way to know for sure. Make your own!

Shiels adds that her smaller crowns typically use around 20 shells, while the larger crowns usually require up to 50 shells. She dangles pearls, beads, charms and other components among swags of mermaid-appropriate colors of cord and chain. Each one is unique.

Don't be one of those poor, unfortunate souls who miss out on this beautiful trend.

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