Sorority and Fraternity Greek House Jewelry

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Show school pride with fraternity and sorority jewelry. This personalized college jewelry is ideal to give as gifts for relatives attending university or for your fellow housemates.

Sorority Jewelry

Often, when new members join a sorority they are paired with senior members in a mentoring program. The girls become ''sisters'' in that the older member, the big sis, looks out for the younger member, the lil sis, including helping her feel welcome and completing sorority ''family'' traditions. It's not uncommon for the sisters to make or exchange jewelry displaying their sisterhood.

We've seen charm pendant necklaces with a round, heart, thin rectangle or other shape stamped with ''lil sis,'' ''little,'' ''big'' or ''big sis.'' To make these more personalized, often a charm, bead or pearl dangle is added. Often the sorority itself is included in the jewelry using the Greek alphabet. Large-hole beads and Greek letter beads are strung on round bracelet cord with additional charms or spacers. These beads are also stacked and strung as earrings and pendants. Other sorority jewelry or accessories we've spotted includes blinged-out letters spelling ''lil'' and ''big'' or ''sisters'' in floating lockets with additional beads or charms, dangles for hanging on rear-view mirrors or keychains.

Fraternity Jewelry

While fraternities don't have the same jewelry-making tendencies as sororities, that doesn't mean frat brothers don't like to sport accessories for their organization. As men continue to embrace more jewelry types as acceptable and actually professional, bracelets have been on the rise. Multi-cord and leather bracelets with Greek alphabet letters or slides have been seen on club-goers' wrists. It's also not uncommon to include the school's acronym, mascot or other university identifier as well on the same bracelet or on another worn stacked. Charms or Greek bead dangles have been seen on wallet chains, keychains and school sport team-emblazoned key fobs.

Sorority and Fraternity Greek House Jewelry

Sorority and Fraternity Greek House Jewelry

Whether you're a member of a sorority or fraternity, or you happen to know someone involved with a house at their university, these types of jewelry and accessories make ideal presents. Greek house jewelry can be gifted to teens as they head off to university, for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays. Showing school or club pride is never out of style.

Greek Letter Alphabet Beads

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