5 Ways to Party with Beads

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Ring in the holidays, and any other time of the year, with beads and jewelry-making fun. Beads make social gatherings more engaging and bring people together in creative ways. Here are five ideas for incorporating beads and jewelry making into your next holiday get-together.

1) A Project Share Party
5 Ways to Party with Beads 5 Ways to Party with Beads 5 Ways to Party with Beads

If your celebration is made up of beaders, send out a jewelry-making holiday party invite with a suggested project for people to make and bring for a jewelry gift exchange or jewelry showcase. Encourage people to wear their project for a memorable group picture or bring the project to share/exchange with others.

Send the same project to everyone (it's always fun to see the variations on the same project) or a different project to each person for an exchange or "show-and-tell." You can also play a game of guessing who made each design. Choose holiday-themed projects from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' holiday design ideas. They are easy to print and include in paper invitations or use the web link for email/web invites.

2) A Jewelry-Making Bash
5 Ways to Party with Beads

Incorporate a jewelry-making project into any holiday party for beaders and non-beaders alike. This is a great idea for work/office holiday parties and extended family gatherings, as the beading project will bring everyone together for a creative challenge. Depending on the size of the party you can set up a station for a few people at a time or have everyone around one table for a simple jewelry-making project they can keep and enjoy. Find many different holiday-themed projects that are simple and quick to make here in the Christmas Jewelry Design Ideas section.

3) A Bead Blowout
Host a creative celebration by asking guests to bring beads for a "bead soup." Everyone adds their beads to the collection, which can also serve as a decorative centerpiece for the table, and then you can fill individual party bags, such as Tite-Lip™ bags, with an assortment of beads for people to take home. Ask people to share what they create with the beads on social media or an email group, offering a great way for everyone to stay in touch beyond the party. Start off the bead soup with a variety of bead mixes and throw in a Boss' Bead Bag 1-pound assortment for fun.

4) Angels are Forever
Throw an angel-themed holiday party by incorporating angels into décor and offering personalized beaded angel gifts or charms as party favors. Guests can make angel-themed jewelry together and share their own angel stories. View a collection of FREE angelic design ideas and angel-related articles and resources here.
Tite-Lip Bags Filled With Bead Mixes 5 Ways to Party with Beads

5) Handmade Holidays
5 Ways to Party with Beads 5 Ways to Party with Beads 5 Ways to Party with Beads

Make it an extra-special holiday with a handmade jewelry gift exchange. The only rule is that it has to be handmade, so encourage people to let their creativity go wild. You can award prizes after the exchange and have guests vote on the best looking, most creative, most likely to be worn, etc. Have invitees view Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' online Gallery of Designs for inspiration and ideas.

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