Make Your Own Wind Chimes with Jewelry Supplies

by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Why make DIY wind chimes with jewelry-making materials? Well, why not? Not only do handmade wind chimes provide a relaxing or melodious tune, they can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to front or back yards and they make great gift items for those who like to spend time on the porch, patio or garden. How do you make wind chimes? That's where we come in.

Wind Chime Components

Make Your Own Wind Chimes with Jewelry Supplies Wind chimes can be made with all manner of jewelry supplies, but first you need to pick what will be making the noise in the first place. Some wind chimes use hollowed bamboo or other wood, while others use metal tubes. Choose anodized aluminum wind chime components in packages of 4 or 5 pieces in various lengths with either a silver or gold finish to provide the musicality you need. Other options include groupings of larger aluminum chimes with spirals etched into the surface or wider tube components that create different tones. Additionally, domed bell components in lacquered brass- or imitation rhodium-plated carbon steel can be dangled below or amongst the chime tubes for a whole new sound. Mix and match these wind chime rods and bells to create different effects! Now you're onto the next step of making wind chimes: decorating.

Make Your Own Wind Chimes with Jewelry Supplies

Jewelry Supplies for Handmade Wind Chimes

Some artists will incorporate found objects into wind chimes such as driftwood or sea glass if you live in a coastal region or even miscellaneous objects such as washers and bottle caps. Themes are a fun way to decide what goes into your unique wind chimes. If you go with a beach theme, use that found driftwood and some shells, but also add nautical charms, rope or even wire-worked forms of sea life like starfish. In kitchen-themed wind chimes we've seen a lot of silverware dangling beneath a colander or teapot--a great way to upcycle old utensils. Garden-inspired wind chimes can be seen dangling from a partially tipped watering can with glass beads and chimes "spilling" downward. Other materials we've seen incorporated in wind chimes include bells, keys, bullet shells, feathers, antlers, glass bottles and of course, pearls, beads or crystal components.

Glass or crystal adds an extra eye-catching element to wind chimes. Not only do the wind chimes sound pretty, but they are pretty to look at, too!

Depending on the price point you want your wind chimes to end up with, Celestial Crystal® is the most economical, a step up is Preciosa Czech glass and Crystal Passions® crystals are the most expensive with most light refraction. Another option is 30% leaded Asfour Crystal, crafted in Egypt with German technology, to capture light and give off incredible sparkle. These are often specifically used in suncatchers, but that doesn't mean they can't also be seen dangling in wind chimes.

Make Your Own Wind Chimes with Jewelry Supplies Make Your Own Wind Chimes with Jewelry Supplies

Stringing Your DIY Wind Chimes

So how do you bring all of these elements together? Decide what you want your pieces to dangle from, whether that's the kitchen teapot, some driftwood, an ornament frame strung horizontally or something else. To string and hang your jewelry components, jewelry designer Jude (who happens to make wind chimes for our local Growers Market) recommends Invizi™-Cord. This clear nylon cord has reliable 8-pound test strength with a flexible drape and it knots easily for stringing or tying on your components. For added security, it's not a bad idea to add a dab of Super Glue adhesives to all your knots. Lastly, don't forget to make a loop at the top for hanging on a hook.

Now all you have left to do is figure out where to put your custom wind chimes or where to hang them in your booth or storefront for sale. They're sure to attract attention with their lovely sound and design.

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