Embellished Gloves and Hosiery

Embellished Gloves and Hosiery
by Barbara van Look, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It is crystal clear--in more ways than one--that the '80s and '90s are roaring back in.

The fashions are enjoying a bit of a comeback, sure, but it's the accessories of those decades that are really the stars. They're coming back big and bold and over-the-top, with lots of Madonna-worthy embellishment.

The two biggest are embellished gloves and embellished hosiery.

Design by Toni Biggins Embellished Gloves Pack a Punch
Seed beads, chain, metallic cord, Crystal Passions® crystals, pearls, buttons and other jewelry-making supplies are showing up as decorative elements on gloves for the winter to spring. Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Karl Lagerfield, Irfé, Michael Kors and even more designers are adding sparkle, heft and shimmer to a range of glove materials.

Elbow-length satin, fingerless lace neo-Victorian, fluffy knit handwarmer-style, neoprene or leatherette biker-style, leather driving and other glove styles are all being embellished.

Whether it's metal studs on leather fingerless gloves by FRIIS, leather bows accents from Gala, charms and chain across the cuff by Vivienne Westwood, or seed bead and Crystal Passions embroidery on the back from Karl Lagerfield, these are far more than accessories.

They're hand décor.

Kicking It with Embellished Legwear
Seed bead embroidery on socks by Phillip Lim, Crystal Passions crystal flat back-studded tights by Bebaroque, Gucci's printed hosiery, pearl-accented fishnets for the bride as seen on Etsy, polka dot tights by Marc Jacobs, sequined hose (such as Zac Posen showed in 2009) and other styles are bringing patterns and sparkle to the rest of the outfit.

All-over scatter patterns are popular on tights and full-leg hosiery, with most styles using glue-on or hot-fix crystals and metal studs, although one clever designer shows up on Pinterest with Crystal Passions flat backs set in astronomical constellations. Another popular embellishment style is down the front of the leg, coalescing just above the knee and going down the shin before tapering off on the top of the foot. No worries about sitting too long with something digging into your legs with that style! Animal, insect or plant patterns on the outer ankle--or up the back of the leg from the top of the shoe to the calf muscle--are a third set of hosiery embellishment types.

For colder areas, embellished socks are gaining traction. Seed bead accents on the ribbed edges, scatter patterns of Crystal Passions crystal sew-on components all over or just down the shin of knee-high socks, fabric or leather ruffles on the top of the sock to be left up or folded down--they're all seeing the light of day right now. The range of embellishment options show that this style's going to remain popular, in evolving versions, for the next few seasons, too.

This trend has legs.
Embellished Gloves and Hosiery

Embellished gloves and legwear is a trend that started gathering speed a few years ago and is about to burst into over-the-top '80s- and '90s-influenced style. Be ready with options for your customers and you might make money hand over foot.

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