Easter Jewelry

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by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Creating holiday jewelry is a great way to boost sales around special events and occasions. Easter jewelry is no different. Here is a little history about some iconic Easter symbols as well as design inspirations incorporating them to inspire you this April.

Easter in Christianity

In Christian religions, Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who rose again on the third day after being crucified. Some consider this holiday to be a “moveable feast,” since it isn’t set on the same date every year. Easter is celebrated in the spring on the first Sunday following the vernal equinox.

Easter Beads and Components What Do Bunnies and Eggs have to do with Easter?

Bunnies have nothing to do with the story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, so why are there chocolate bunnies in stores for Easter? Let’s start with connotations of spring, a time of renewal and rebirth (or resurrection). A pagan festival of Eostre, who was a goddess of fertility and whose animal representation was a rabbit, occurred around the same time as Easter. As pagans came to the Christian faith and blending of celebrations occurred (as was natural during this time amongst cultures), the image of the rabbit came with them. Rabbits have long been associated with fertility, even in the Church, so this was not a stretch.

As far as the eggs, they have also been viewed as a symbol of life and came to be representative of Jesus’ emergence from the tomb. It’s believed decorating eggs has been happening since the 13th century and was connected to Lent when church congregations could start consuming eggs again on Easter.

How Did the Easter Bunny make it to America?

It’s said that the Easter bunny came over to the States in the 1700s via German immigrants who told stories of a rabbit named Osterhase or Oschter Haws who laid colored eggs for good girls and boys. To provide a place for these eggs, children would make nests, which would eventually become the Easter baskets of today. Over time, Oschter Haws became known as the Easter Bunny and started to not only bring colored eggs, but also chocolate and small toys.
Easter Jewelry

Easter Jewelry Now That I Know the Backstory, How Do I Create Easter Jewelry?

To make Easter jewelry, pick a theme or symbol. Many Christians give gifts of necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry pieces with crosses on them to wear and display their faith--especially on such a joyous holiday in the religion. Other Christian symbols can also be incorporated, most notably the ichthus fish.

Creating your own colored eggs with your favorite jewelry medium is fun--just ask our in-house jewelry designers. Esther used teardrop beads and colored the fancy filigree design with Pebeo paints while Anna chose to use images under glass cabochons in oval settings. Rose did something similar, but created her own border with colorful ball chain. And, we can’t forget about the rabbits. Jude used Premo! Sculpey polymer clay to make an adorable pair of rabbits with an extra three-dimensional quality as front back earrings.

As far as color schemes for Easter jewelry, it tends to be pink, blue, yellow, green and other bright hues. Designs are meant to be lighthearted and often include pastel palettes. Flowers are also common in Easter jewelry, bringing springtime into the motif.

Easter Jewelry Easter Jewelry Easter Jewelry

Now hop to it and make yourself an inventory of Easter jewelry so customers have the perfect designs to gift or wear on this unique holiday.

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