Customization of Friendship Bracelets

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Personalizing Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are traditionally created for a specific person. As the bracelet is knotted, kind thoughts about the friendship are transmitted into each tug of the string. Personalize by using color, meaningful charms, words, or a specific pattern that reflects the relationship. When the bracelet is done, the giver ties it onto the wrist of their friend. The pattern can be as simple as a braid with team colors, or an incredible multi-colored, beaded, macramé design with your friend's birthstone in the middle.

Choose a fiber that will last long and hold its colors. Some options are embroidery floss, cotton waxed cord, hemp, silk, satin, and bamboo cord.

Customization of Friendship Bracelets
Customization of Friendship Bracelets

What color is your aura?
You can ask your friend what their favorite color is and start with that, choose colors of their favorite sports team, or maybe a shared alma mater. Reflect on your friend and what colors they like to wear. Certain colors will instantly remind you of someone. Like gemstones, colors are said to have certain meanings.

Here is a general list:
  • Pink for kind and loving
  • Red for honesty and good health
  • Orange for energetic and bold
  • Yellow for cheerful
  • Green for lucky and eco-friendly
  • Blue for loyalty
  • Purple for imaginative and creative
  • Brown for earthy and mellow
  • Black for strong
Customization of Friendship Bracelets
Customization of Friendship Bracelets

What sign are you?
Astrological signs have colors attributed to them as well:
  • Aries--Red
  • Taurus--Pastel shades of pink, pale blue, and green
  • Gemini--Yellow
  • Cancer--Silvery blue/smokey grey
  • Leo--Orange/yellow (color of the sun)
  • Virgo--Green and dark brown
  • Libra--Pink, pale green, and various shades of blue
  • Scorpio--Deep red and maroon
  • Sagittarius--Rich purples and dark blues
  • Capricorn--Dark green, gray, black, and brown
  • Aquarius--Blue and turquoise
  • Pisces--Sea green
Of course, you can also take a friend's birthstone into account. Adding a stone or a setting with a faceted stone in it would be a very classy way to personalize a friendship bracelet and hey--they are not just for kids anymore!

Here is a list of gemstones from the traditional birthstone chart:
  • January--Garnet
  • February--Amethyst
  • March--Aquamarine
  • April--Diamond
  • May--Emerald
  • June--Pearl
  • July--Ruby
  • August--Peridot
  • September--Sapphire
  • October--Opal
  • November--Citrine
  • December--Turquoise
The traditional list of birthstones contains more expensive gemstones. Some people just use it as a color guide and substitute less expensive options. A great resource to picking significant gemstones to add to your friendship bracelet is the ''Gemstone Meanings'' guide. It offers an abundance of information about not only the metaphysical properties, but geological properties, historical usage, and proper care.

What are you into?
Adding charms to a friendship bracelet is an easy way to acknowledge your friend's hobbies, interests, and passions. Use a plane for travelers, a music note for musicians, or a ball for sports lovers. Add loving thoughts to the friendship bracelet with an affirmation charm or drop, such as "to the moon and back" or a peace sign. Weave in a charm with their Chinese animal sign or western zodiac sign.

Zodiac Charms, Drops and Focals

Personalize their bracelet by using alphabet beads to spell a friend's name or a wish for them such as LOVE. Another way to customize is to use a button--they are great for clasps and there are so many cool shapes, colors, and materials including tree of life, dragonfly, and Celtic patterns. For an ocean loving or water sign friend use a shell button, or a pewter one with a sand dollar on it. For someone who likes to sparkle, add a Crystal Passions button. There are so many great ornamental buttons with a variety of designs. Go online to see which symbols reminds you of your friends and carries a personal message, or memory to incorporate into the bracelet.

Button Components

Personalize with Patterns

Some friendship bracelet patterns are two parts of a whole. They make one pattern alone, but when placed together make a completed pattern. Think about the cute heart pendants with "BEST" etched onto one side and "FRIEND" on the other. There are numerous ways to do this with friendship bracelets. It can be a word or a half heart, or both of your zodiac symbols woven in.

Customization of Friendship Bracelets

Personalize with a heart pattern for a loved one, use a wave, octopus, or sunshine pattern for a beach loving friend, or an awareness ribbon for a friend battling a disease. There are kitty patterns for cat lovers and cactus patterns for desert dwellers. Make a camouflage pattern for friends who are into hunting or in the army. Red, white, and blue flag designs are great for patriotic friends.

So, now that you have read all these ideas, are you ready to make a friendship bracelet? When starting out making friendship bracelets try the diagonal stripes or chevron patterns and move up to a heart. Once you get those down, you can work on more advanced patterns. Learning how to read friendship bracelet patterns will help you become more skilled. With practice you can make your own patterns and add words, or your own imaginative symbols or designs.

Customization of Friendship Bracelets
Customization of Friendship Bracelets

Really, the possibilities are numerous. The important thing is to somehow link the colors, pattern, and components to your friend. To get you started we have video tutorials and two printable friendship bracelet patterns with instructions, one for diagonal stripes and one with a heart pattern.

Happy Knotting!

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