Princesscore Jewelry

Design Idea ND3B Necklace, Tiara and Earrings
by Susanne, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It's time to channel your inner royalty with princesscore--a pretty fairytale-inspired trend that's being showcased in fashion, jewelry and accessories in the most magical way. Princesscore is based on the life, fashion and mannerisms of a princess. This style direction is closely related to royalcore or regencycore and builds upon the cottagecore trend by adding elements of fantasy, romance and history. Attracting Disney fans, Bridgerton buffs and inner princesses everywhere, it's easy to fall in love with the romance this aesthetic exudes.

Glamour and femininity are being piled on with embellished corsets, intricate lace, big puffy dresses, oversized sleeves, ballerina tulle, a soft pastel color palette and tiaras galore. Princesscore gives us the opportunity to feel and look like a princess in our everyday lives with fashion, accessories and jewelry that sparkles and shines.


Every princess deserves a tiara! Tiaras and fancy headbands are a perfect way to add a princess-like touch to any style. Create tiaras with wire and/or wire wrap tiara designs with Crystal Passions® beads, Czech glass beads and floral components. For a softer look, include petal-shaped beads in a braided head wrap.

Princesscore Jewelry Princesscore Jewelry Princesscore Jewelry

Corsets and Gowns

Embellished corsets, oversized sleeves and tulle are a perfect fit for a princess. Design with Dance With Me™ flat-back rhinestones for endless beauty. These lightweight crystals are specifically designed to maximize sparkle in motion and are perfect for princess-inspired looks.

Princesscore Jewelry


Princesses love to sparkle. Use crystals and pearls that exude luxury and the feeling of royalty. Incorporate Crystal Passions®, cultured freshwater pearls, metallic seed beads and delicate wirework for a pretty presentation.

Princesscore Jewelry Princesscore Jewelry Princesscore Jewelry Princesscore Jewelry

Give yourself permission to channel your inner princess and celebrate the natural beauty of women through fashion, accessories and jewelry with princesscore.

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