Mermaid Magic

Design Idea G85D Crown
by Jessie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

From selkies to sirens, mermaids appear in folklore around the world. Continuing to captivate cultures with rich mystery, magic and fierce feminine allure, these fish-tailed creatures are making a splash in today's fashion frontlines. The modern merfolk style-story is a fluid escape into a dazzling aquatic fantasyland we desperately desire to bring ashore. Discover how to imbue your designs with Mermaid Magic and venture to new creative depths.


The mermaid trend is alive with wispy, soft and effervescent hues. Rich, jubilant pinks bring a youthful beauty aside bright sea-foam teal. Light indigo strengthens the aquatic feel in silky lowlights with a splash of contrast. Fiery orange pops through the mix, introducing a tropical flash of complementary color seen in oceanic creatures from coral to clown fish and beyond. The soft sandy beige creates a background for the others to shine, like the ivory-colored lacquer of a pearl projecting a multi-colored luster.

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Seashells, coral and pearls are mermaid-style staples that pack plenty of texture and oceanic elegance. Play with sparkling crystals to throw the light in a dazzling display akin to underwater sun rays or sunken treasures. Scalemaille honors the legendary femme fatales of darker mermaid lore by incorporating elements of sleek movement, power and ferocity. For a more literal look, use mermaid-shaped charms, tail drops, or components with scalloped scale patterns.

Make your designs extra colorful with whimsical mermaid glass. These multi-color beads imbue designs with the soft, sand-worn finish of sea glass, bringing a chromatic array to all of your magical mermaid creations.

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The Look

The mermaid look is carefree, playful, luxuriously ornamental and full of fantasy-inspired fashion verging on costume couture. Dive in headfirst with ornate statement pieces like crowns, ear frames and necklaces dripping in detail.

Mimic the shape of fins and scales with frilly silhouettes and elements made to move. With a unique fluidity, the mermaid style makes ethereal beauty accessible to anyone and everyone, so let go and let your imagination flow freely.

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