Flower Power

Design Idea K32G Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings

This jewelry trend is blossoming with a springtime palette of saturated pastels, twining into curving, feminine style. Gentle, gradual blends of color, expressed in a range of earring, necklace and bracelet designs, blossom forth both figuratively and literally in this fashion movement.

Memorial Petal Conservatory Reflecting Pool Bough

This sought-after look blooms with a soft, feminine style. The classical, creamy tones of Memorial and soft pink of Petal in polymer clay twine around an ombré seed-beaded tube flowing from Reflecting Pool's serene blue and Conservatory's pale green to the rest of this pastel palette. Finally, these airy colors are rooted by the sturdy brown of Bough.

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Flower Power Materials

Seed beads and polymer clays allow for gentle, gradual blends of color as well as the curving shapes at the root of this trend. Celestial Crystal® beads and pearls offer a beautiful way to add subtle sparkle and understated color.

Incorporate flower charms, drops and pendants for a fresh and fun style. Add specific types of flowers and their colors to jewelry for special meaning, such as roses to represent love, carnations to symbolize pride and beauty and daises to convey cheerfulness.

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Jewelry has a natural and organic drape to it--no structured forms here! Floral elements, fine details and ombré effects are the truest expression of this blossoming trend, giving rooted permanence within an airy color palette.

Flower Power

Flower Power

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