Ocean-Inspired Jewelry

Design Idea K32S Necklace and Earrings
by Ali, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Creative souls have always found inspiration from the ocean, and jewelry design is no different. From soft sea hues to shapes inspired by rolling waves and creatures of the deep, infinite inspiration awaits just beyond the shore.

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Take a hike along rocky paths near the coastal shores to encounter the soft blue sky peeking above the treetops. Breathe in the fresh green of bog and forest. Look for wildflowers in bright yellow dotting the rocky areas just above shore as you travel down to the sandy beach where the hues of rich, deep blues reveal the moods of the everchanging ocean waters.

Design Idea H74P Necklace Ocean-Inspired Jewelry Ocean-Inspired Jewelry


You can create ocean-inspired jewelry with many materials. One of the most common choices is beads and other components made from natural materials, like shell or driftwood. The natural theme can also be replicated with beads and charms shaped like ocean creatures, including fish, shells, coral and marine mammals. Other popular choices are pearls, seed and glass beads, as well as crystals that shimmer like the sunlight's reflection on ocean waves.

Ocean-Inspired Jewelry Design Idea BC1D Necklace

The Look

Create a stunning ocean-inspired necklace to pair with a sundress on your next tropical vacation, or pair bracelets in seafaring tones with a breezy tee and shorts during the hot summer months as a reminder of cool, crisp ocean breezes. In the colder months, pair beachy earrings with a scarf and warm coat to escape to warm days spent relaxing in the sand. No matter where you are or what the weather's like, ocean-inspired jewelry serves as a form of relaxation and travel into breezy days and the wonder of the depths below.

Design Idea 984Q Ocean-Inspired Jewelry

Ocean-Inspired Jewelry

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