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Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Spring/Summer 2020 captures the drama of a spring storm. Electricity crackles through the dark sky. Wooden ships rock on the mysterious ocean. Tranquility is restored as the sun's rays coax out the gentle blue sky once again.
Colors Skyline Trail Acadia Halifax Blue Rocks Atlantic
Hike the rocky paths of the coastal island of Nova Scotia and encounter Skyline Trail in the sky. Breathe in the fresh Acadia green of bog and forest. Look for wildflowers in bright Halifax yellow. The hues of Atlantic and Blue Rocks reveal the moods of the everchanging ocean waters.

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Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Trend Materials
Nova Scotia Shimmering aluminum sequins on mesh sheets provide drape and reflect light. Toho seed beads line up on paddle pins forming a repeated pattern--and fringe. Connected to a secure lobster claw clasp, multiple strands of sturdy Accu-Flex® create structure for contrasting seed beads cascading into the silvery scarf.

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The Look

The easy excitement that permeates spring is caught in this shiny scarf-style necklace and earring set. Like a shimmering mermaid, it mesmerizes all with its sparkling play of light.

Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia

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