South American Style

Design Idea K32J Necklace and Earrings Set
by Jessie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

In South America's diverse landscapes and rhythmic cities, you can find the bold colors of tropical flowers, unique wildlife, steamy rainforests and warm beaches year-round.


The party is just beginning with the colorful culture and style displayed in one of South America's most famous cities--Rio de Janeiro. Feel the energy of Samba dancers with feathers in shades of yellow and pink Flores Hibisco making their way down the Copacabana's royal purple paths. Join them in the green Jardim Botanico gardens, with flowers taken from along the blue ocean waters of Prainha beach.

Samba Flores Hibisco Prainha Jardim Botânico Copacabana


Let your light sparkle in bold Latin America-inspired fashions. From aqua aluminum sequins, capturing the beauty of coastal sea spray, to TOHO BEADSĀ® in the diverse greens, blues and yellows of the rainforest's flora and fauna.
South American Style Product

The Look

Stunning earrings in unusual shapes, crystal seashell necklaces and brilliant hues of pink stand out to make your statements as dynamic as this continent's geography and people.

South American Style South American Style

South American Style

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