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Metal Clays--Tips for Working with COPPRclay™ and BRONZclay™

COPPRclay™ and BRONZclay™ are an easy to sculpt and mold, and form into solid metal once they have been fired. Working with this product can lead to some amazing designs.

Precious Metal Clay Tips and Product Information

Metal clay is an easy-to-use material for creating custom metal pieces. Just manipulate the clay into the shape you want, dry, then fire it to turn it into precious metal. But that isn't all.
Save Your Pennies

Finishing Metal Clay Pieces with Hand Tools

See how to hand finish your Art Clay® silver metal clay jewelry components in minutes with this quick step-by-step tutorial hosted by world-renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

Precious Metal Clay Product Information

Precious metal clay is a moldable material that needs high heat to be transformed to its final metal state. Precious metal clay is made with precious metal particles, an organic (non-toxic) binder and water. It can be rolled flat, shaped, molded,...

Firing Metal Clay with a Butane Torch

Firing Art Clay® Silver with a gas torch is a direct firing method. Please read these instructions carefully before firing. Using a small butane gas torch is a basic method for small and simple pieces. You may fire Art Clay® Silver Regular series,...

Medium: Metal Clay

Courtesy of Handmade Business magazine, explore some of the most creative uses for metal clays collected to really kick-start your inspiration.
Pin Cushion Heart Brooch/Pendants

Using Metal Clay

Enjoy the fun and versatility of playing with clay with a twist ... firing the finished piece transforms it into a valuable, pure silver treasure to wear as jewelry.

Prometheus® Metal Clays Firing Methods

Molding Metal Clay with Brass Molds

Lightly oil the mold chosen. Roll out about 5 grams of clay to a 3-card thickness. Press the clay into the mold, ensuring you have pressed the clay into the recesses to capture all of the details.
Born into light

Pendant with Fimo® Polymer Clay, Metal Clay and Magic-Glos® Top Coat

My Worn and Faded Heart
From Clay Comes Beauty
Barachiel's Auxiliary
Fairy Manor
1229 Resource(s) Found
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