Bezel Setting Stones the Easy Way


Pre-made bezel cup settings come ready to solder or bond into your jewelry design.

To bezel-set a cabochon, simply push the upper edge of the bezel around the gemstone. First, make sure your stone fits snugly in the setting by putting it in the bezel setting. View it from the side to make certain it sits level in the bezel cup. Next, begin pushing the bezel edge in around the stone using a bezel roller. Push one side gently against the stone, then push on the opposite side. Work completely around the bezel, alternating sides, until the whole edge of the bezel is crimped inward.
Now, use a burnishing tool to smooth the rough spots your bezel roller may have left. Draw the smooth end of the burnishing tool straight across the very top of the bezel with even pressure. Work around the bezel until the edge is completely smooth.

Hint: Sometimes it helps to put a small amount of glue into the bezel cup before inserting the stone to make sure the stone is absolutely secure.

When setting a cabochon in a post earring setting, it's a good idea to insert the post in a block of cork, a drilled piece of wood, or a vise so the post will not be damaged during setting.

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