Double-Strand Necklace with Cultured Freshwater Pearls and Gemstone Briolettes

From the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Collection
These materials create a close-fitting, choker-style necklace. Three strands of rice pearls will make a 15-1/2" long necklace.
Begin with both cards of silk. Uncard the entire length of both cards. String both threads through 1 gold bead, leaving a 3-inch tail at the end.
String both threads through about 1/4 inch of French wire (bullion).
Loop the bullion through the clasp, and run the needles back through the gold bead. Tie off both tails below the gold bead with a sturdy knot and dot the knot with a small drop of Pascofix Instant Adhesive.
Sort your beads carefully. Four briolettes and 20 pearls make up each section of the necklace, and there are 2 pearls between each section. This necklace has 7 loops that total about 11 inches on one thread and 7 swags that total about 16-1/2 inches on the other thread. Use pearls that equal the same length on each side of each loop and swag so the briolettes are centered. If they aren't centered, you'll need to restring, which will be a problem since you are knotting after each bead. A length of pearls at each end of the necklace is strung on both threads to create a finished, professional look.

String both threads through about 1-inch of pearls (6) and tie an overhand knot after each pearl.
To make the first loop on one cord, string 4 pearls, 1 briolette, and 4 pearls. Knot after each bead.
Make the first swag on the other cord: string 5 pearls, 1 briolette, 1 pearl, 1 briolette, 1 pearl, 1 briolette, and 5 pearls. Knot after each bead.
String both threads through a pearl and check to make sure the briolettes are centered on the loop and swag. If they are, tie an overhand knot with the threads used together. If the briolettes aren't centered, you'll have to untie the knots and restring the off-center loop or swag with different pearls.
When all looks good, string a second pearl on both cords and knot. Make 6 more loops and swags with 2 pearls between each.
To finish the necklace, string both threads through about 1-inch of pearls (6) and knot after each to match the other end. String a 14Kt gold bead then 1/4 inch of bullion and loop through the jumpring on the other side of the clasp. Go back through the gold bead and tie off both threads. Glue the knot.

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