Adjustable Cord Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets

From the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Collection
This is a wonderful way to knot cords to create fully adjustable length necklaces.
The first step is to choose two strands of cord, each approximately a yard long. Next, string the donut on one strand in a lark's head knot.
A side view of the lark's head knot.
Repeat with the second cord.
Now that the center object is strung in a stationary position, take the two cords on the right side over the left side, bring them under the left side, over and across the right side and into the loop formed on the right side. This creates the first knot.
Next, do the same knot on the other side, knotting the free cords on the left side to the strands. On the right side, pull the knot tightly. Once the knotting each side is completed, the knots will be able to be moved away from each other, to make the strand shorter or towards each other to make the strands longer.

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