Earrings with Seed Beaded Indian Maidens

From the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Collection
The Foundation Row
Begin with a foundation row of 11 white beads. To start your foundation row put two beads on an 18-inch long doubled piece of thread.

Leaving a 4 - 6 inch tail weave the two beads together, then add the remaining 9 white beads for the first row, in the same fashion - bringing the needle up through the first bead down through the second bead and back up through the first bead, then back down through the second, and up into the third, down into the second and back into the third, then add the fourth, and so on until you have 11 beads on. This is your foundation row.
Working down
From the foundation row, you will brick stitch down to the bottom of the dress. Each row will decrease by one bead. To decrease, bring needle up through the second hole to the end of the row. Put on the first two beads of the next row. Notice the loops made by the thread on the top of the foundation row. Bring the needle under the second loop, and up through the hole of the second bead, adjusting the beads to stand up straight.

Now your needle will be coming out of the top of the second bead. String on another bead, thread the needle under the loop between the third and fourth beads of the foundation row, and come up through the bead you have just put on. Continue to do this until you run out of loops. Turn the work around and do the same thing for the next two rows. Remember to change colors on the bottom row.
Working back up
Weave the needle and thread back up to the other side of the foundation row. The needle needs to come out through the second to the last bead. Add two beads as before and brick stitch to the last loop. Do this again for the next row.

Putting on the second row
At this point gently push the top bead over so that it is lined up with the one next to it. Bring the string up through the inner bead.
After you stitch the belt row, you will need to increase the row size. To do this begin the row by putting 2 beads on the needle then stitching them into the first loop, bringing the needle up through the second bead. At the end of the increasing row, after the last loop put on one more bead by using the last bead in the low row to secure the stitch, instead of a loop.

It is a good idea to stitch the thread around a bead in the lower row, then bring it up through the last bead in the increased row. This will make sure the bead is secure.
Indian Maiden pattern increases from the belt to the shoulders, and then again around the head. If you put on two beads at the start of each row--whether to increase or decrease, your threads will be hidden in the finished piece.

To increase, bring needle up through the second bead in row string two beads to begin the next row. Bring the needle under the first loop, between the first and second bead, then brick stitch to the end of the row.
At the other end of the row, add one more bead than there are loops. Attach this bead by bringing the thread down into the bead underneath looping the thread around that lower loop then bringing it back up through the two beads.

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