Easy Threader Tool Instructions

Needle Storage: The Easy Threader stores needles approximately 1-1/2 inches long. Place index finger below Hole #2 and press yellow side bar. Insert needle into Hole #3 and release yellow side bar.

Please Note: To avoid fraying, the Easy Threader is recommended for use with thin thread types.

Caution: A small razor, for cutting thread, is attached to the bottom yellow portion. Recommended for adults only.

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Hold upright and insert needle, eye-side first, into Hole #1.
Place finger below Hole #2 and press yellow side bar to expose small hook. Make sure hook goes through the eye of the needle. Test by pulling up on needle while hook is exposed.

Make an open loop with thread, catch loop on hook and release yellow side bar.
Slowly pull needle and thread out. Hold needle and separate thread, pulling one side through to complete the threading process.

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