Using a Stop Bead

From the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Collection

A stop bead is added to your thread prior to beginning the stitch you're working on. The temporary stop bead will keep the beads in your pattern on the thread as you begin the stitch.
Thread a stop bead (a different color than the beads to be used in the design) onto your thread and bring down to the end, leaving a length of thread for your tail (per your pattern's instructions).
Pass the thread back through the bead again, in the same direction, forming a loop around the bead and securing it in place.
Begin your stitch. It's important to use care not to accidently incorporate the stop bead into the design.

Remove the stop bead by pulling it down the thread, away from your beadwork. The loop of thread around the bead will allow it to slide off easily.

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