How to Create Increasing and Decreasing Even-Count Peyote Stitches

by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

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Starting Peyote Stitch Pattern

Cut a three yard length of Nymo®. Add your needle to the end first off the spool. Apply thread conditioner if you'd like. Add a stop bead to the end, leaving an 18-inch tail which will be used to attach the bracelet to the clasp later. Do not use this bead when working your pattern.
Thread on six size 8/0 seed beads; bring them down to the stop bead. Begin the peyote stitch.
Continue to work the peyote stitch until you have completed enough rows (for either a bracelet or necklace) minus the length the clasp will add. Remove the ''stop bead.''

Decreasing Peyote Stitch

Goal: To taper the ends of a woven peyote strip to one-bead wide so you can add a single-strand clasp.
To decrease the end of an even-count peyote stitch, weave your peyote strip as long as you'd like or to the length your project instructions indicate.
As your needle exits the last bead in the last row, weave it into the bead work, turning the needle around back in the direction it came. The goal is to weave through the beads, not over them, as you don't want to see the thread--it is not only unsightly but it will create an area of weakness in the design.
With your needle facing the other direction, pass the needle through the last bead strung in the next to last row, then through the last bead strung in the last row. Pick up a new bead and pass the needle through the next 'popped up' bead in the row. Continue across the row.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until you've decreased as far as you'd like or as your project instructions indicate.

To end, weave your thread into the beadwork until the thread is secure. Trim any excess thread.

Increasing Peyote Stitch

Increase Along the edge of even count peyote:
Exit the last bead in the previous row of the existing peyote stitch strip. String three seed beads then pass the needle through the first seed bead. Bring the seed beads down along the edge of the strip and position the beads so the two beads on the end sit on top of each other. (This is extending peyote by two columns and adding the first seed bead in the next row.)

Tip: The beads will want to twist when first added but will smooth into the design with additional rows.

String one seed bead then pass through the next up seed bead in the existing portion of the strip.

Continue the even count peyote stitch.

Adding beads to the center of peyote stitch:
Exit the seed bead adjacent to where the increase will be added. String two seed beads then pass the needle through the next up seed bead. Bring the seed beads down into position between the beads. Continue the standard peyote stitch.

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