Pendant with Swarovski Crystal

Courtesy of Swarovski

''Pearl Flower'' Pendant

Get inspired by Swarovski design team's limitless imagination. Magical project ideas bring a new dimension to simple techniques.

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Cut a 60cm nylon thread and slide it through one Swarovski pendant article 6106 22mm amethyst blend. Cross over the thread ends through one pendant article 6106 16mm topaz blend, pendant article 6106 16mm amethyst blend, pendant article 6106 22mm topaz blend and pendant article 6106 16mm amethyst blend. Cross through holes of all the pendants once more to reach the point of origin as shown in the illustrations.

Cut 40cm nylon thread and repeat Step 1 to get another flower shape with the Swarovski pendants article 6106 35mm crystal bronze shade, article 6106 22mm amethyst blend, article 6106 35mm crystal bronze shade, article 6106 22mm amethyst blend and article 6106 22mm topaz blend. Make a double knot with the remaining thread ends and cut them off.

Place the smaller flower shape onto the larger one and start crossing over the thread ends from the smaller flower through the holes of both the large and small flower shapes. Each time both thread ends should cross through the same two holes and each should move into different directions. Once you have crossed through all the holes, cross back through the last pendant's holes from both the flowers through which you have already crossed through. Onto the top thread end (as shown in red in the illustrations) attach the Swarovski crystal pearl article 5810 10mm crystal dark grey pearl. Go through the opposite hole of the smaller flower and then through the hole that lies exactly beneath this one from the bigger flower. Slide the thread ends back through the point of origin and then through the pearl once more and back again through the opposite holes from both the flowers. At the back side of the bigger flower tie the thread ends into a double knot, then cut off.

Cut nine 5cm long pieces of wire and bend a loop on one of end of one piece of wire, (do not close loop completely). Insert Swarovski bead article 5000 4mm purple velvet onto one wire and bend the other end of the wire also to a loop close to the bead as shown, creating a beaded eyepin, (again, do not close loop completely.) Cut off excess wire. Repeat this step 8 more times with other wire pieces and beads.

Slide a Swarovski bead article 5000 4mm crystal bronze shade onto a headpin and bend a loop at the other end next to the bead.

Cut chains of 7, 13, 6, 3.5, 4, 1.8, 5.5, 6.5, 15.5cm and three 3cm pieces. Attach them together using the beaded eyepins created in Step 4 as shown in illustrations. Attach a lobster clasp to the left end of the chain using a 6mm jumpring. Attach the three 3cm chains to each other using three 6mm jumprings. Attach the bead with the headpin on to the last 3cm chain.

Slide a 12mm jumpring through both flower pieces from the back side of the bigger flower piece.

Slide the chain through the 12mm jumpring added to the flower piece in Step 7.

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