Single-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal

Courtesy of Swarovski

Suede Red Magma Heart Pendant

Get inspired by Swarovski design team's limitless imagination. Magical project ideas bring a new dimension to simple techniques.

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String the wild heart pendant from the Swarovski crystal assortment onto the 24" wire. Adjust wire on pendant so that one end is about 1/3 the length of the other end. Wrap short wire end around long end several times making a small loop between top of pendant and wrapped wire.
String on the Swarovski bead article 5040 6mm and then add the XILION bead article 5328.
Wrap wire end around wire above the last bead forming a loop large enough to slide the suede through. Wrap the wire around top of last bead several times to secure. Cut off any remaining wire.
Slide suede through the loop made in Step 3. Attach fold over clasps to ends of suede using flat-nose pliers. Open jumprings and attach one to each side. Attach lobster clasp to jumpring on one side.

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