Accu-Flex™ Paper Beading Cord

by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®
Accu-Flex Paper Cord is:

Crimping Paper Cord with Crimp Ends

Paper cord can be crimped with crimp tubes and crimp beads. When choosing a crimp, the inside diameter of the crimp needs to be large enough to accommodate the cording, which is 0.8mm.

For crimp ends with loops and hooks and crimp tubes (the kind you compress in the center section) the inside diameter should be 1mm to 1.6mm.
Cut the cording to suit the length of your design.
Place a crimp end onto one end of the cording so the cording is threaded through the entire crimp (seeing it peek out of the other end).
While holding the crimp in place, compress the tips of a pair of chain-nose pliers into the center section of the crimp to secure.
Flip the assembly over and crimp again to make sure the crimp is compressed equally from both sides.
String on your design then repeat, adding a crimp on the other end.

Crimping Paper Cord with Crimp Tubes

For crimp tubes (crimps finished with crimping pliers), the diameter should be 1.5mm-2mm so the paper cord can pass through the crimp twice, as is needed for traditional crimping.
Cut the cording to suit the length of your design.
Thread a crimp tube onto one end, a soldered jumpring or the loop on the end of your clasp. Pass the cording back through the crimp.
Tighten up the cording so there is little space between the crimp and the jumpring or clasp. Position the crimp into the second notch closest to the handles of the crimping pliers. Separate the cords inside the crimp tube so they each wind up on either half of the crimp tube after the next step.

Tip: Separating the cords will make for a stronger crimped connection as the metal surrounds more of the stringing material.
Squeeze the handles of the pliers until you feel the crimp tube collapse. The crimp should be a ''U'' shape now.
Set the crimp in the first notch of the pliers so it is standing up in the notch. Squeeze the pliers until the crimp bead has fully collapsed forming a smaller tube. Pull on the cording to make sure the crimp is tight and holding.
String your design then finish the second end with a crimp and a soldered jumpring or the loop on your finding.

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