Creating an Old World Domed Pendant

by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®
Place the snowflake focal into the largest depression in the dapping block.

Tip: When dapping, you want to work slowly, so approach this with patience. If you move the metal too quickly it will crease rather than curve.

Place the largest dapping punch on top of the snowflake and strike the top of the punch with a rawhide mallet. Repeat, working your way around the snowflake, forming it to the shape of the dapping block depression.

Repeat in smaller depressions until the snowflake is domed as you would like it. Repeat to dome the brass flat round.
Using a permanent marker, make a mark at the center of the now domed brass round. Place the round onto a piece of wood. Using the rawhide mallet, strike the center punch at the mark to create a depression where the drill bit can catch. Drill a hole at the mark.
Place the drilled domed brass round onto the domed snowflake where you want it to be set. Using the marker, make a mark where the center hole in the top brass round meets the snowflake so you know where to drill the snowflake round.

Using the rawhide mallet, strike the center punch at the mark to create a depression where the drill bit can catch. Drill a hole at the mark.
Cut a circle from the leather, larger than the washer but smaller than the domed brass round. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the center of the leather.
Place the brad through the different layers in your design so the hole for the snowflake pendant is at the top and the hole for the brass round is at the bottom.

Design as shown: brass washer, leather circle, brass round and brass snowflake.
Place the assembly upside down on top of the largest dapping punch. Press all of the layers together then trim the brad so it is about 1/8 inch long.

Note: Be sure to cover the piece of wire that will be cut off so it doesn't go flying.
Using the ball peen hammer, strike the end of the brad, in an outward motion. Continue working around the brad creating a flattened head, securing the brad in place.
Using chain-nose or flat-nose pliers, and working in the area of the hole in the brass round, bend the brass round to create a lip.

Note: This will give space between the two domed circles so you can use the hole to hang a dangle from.
Cut 6 inches of wire. Using 1-1/2 inches from one end of the wire, begin a wrapped loop. Before wrapping, open the loop and pass the wire through the hole in the lip created in Step 8. Close the loop and finish the wrap. Trim the wire and tuck in the end.
Begin a second wrapped loop using the other end of the wire. Before wrapping, open the loop and add the brass teardrop. Finish the wrap--keeping it neat, or as shown here with multiple layers.


Using the Epic® Six Quickutz® tool, emboss a patina link.
Using a 400 grit polishing paper, buff the surface to remove the finish on the embossed area.
Using a jumpring, attach the drop to the loop created in Step 10.

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