Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal

Courtesy of Swarovski

Spooky Eyes Bangle

Get inspired by Swarovski design team's limitless imagination. Magical project ideas bring a new dimension to simple techniques.

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  • Nylon thread, transparent
  • Teddy eyes, black and white, 1cm (4 eyes)
  • Teddy eyes, black and white, 2.5cm (2 eyes)

Cut 1m of nylon thread (0.25mm) and string on Swarovski beads art. 5328 5mm jet as shown in the illustrations. Closely follow the steps in the illustration weaving 38 rows of beads. Begin to form a tube starting from the 38th row as shown in the illustrations.

Connect the two ends of the tube that is the 38th and the first row as shown in the illustrations and thread the nylon thread ends through some beads. Cut off the extra thread leaving behind 1.5 cm and melt it into a ball with a lighter.

Sew the "eyes" onto the beads with a beading needle. Repeat this step, 5 more times to place more "eyes" on different parts of the bangle as shown in the illustrations.

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