Bracelet with Czech Glass Seed Beads and Metal Bells

Courtesy of Preciosa®

Bracelet With Little Bells

In order to expand the color range of the popular PRECIOSA Twin™ two-hole seed bead, Preciosa Ornela has created a two-hole pressed bead of the same shape and size which has made it possible to offer popular opaque and other colors which cannot be made in seed bead production.

Preciosa Ornela has prepared a playful bracelet made with small bells sewn around with pressed beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand in the colors of the Czech tricolor. In this manual, we will tell you how to make the bracelet with little bells step by step. Try it yourself and make your own combinations depending on the colors of your state flag.

Can you tell which of the tricolor colors have been realized using PRECIOSA Twin seed beads and which have been made PRECIOSA Twin pressed beads? We wish you many hours of pleasure during your beadwork with Czech seed beads and beads.

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The Procedure:

Some of the total number of small bells which are hung on the chain using the rings (9x) will be sewn around with Twin beads (for example, 6 bells). You can create your own color combinations and ornamentation by means of the use and layout of the chosen colors.
String 8x T and tie them into a basic circle. Pull the end of the line back into the hole of the nearest T. Continue according to the drawing (figure no. 1), pass the line through both holes of the nearest T and string 8x T in the second row between the individual T of the first row of the basic circle. Add 2x T between the individual T in the third row. Always continue in the following row by passing the line through both holes of the first T of the given row. In the following rows, only add one seed bead in the gaps between the individual T. Sew around the bells using 10 - 11 rows of T. The list of the Twin in the individual rows:
Row 1: 8x T
Row 2: 8x T
Row 3: 16x T
Rows 4 - 7 or rows 4 - 8: 16x T
Row 8 (9): 16x T
Row 9 (10): 8x T
Row 10 (11): 8x T, 4x R
Place the bell inside at the midway point of creating the rows and then reduce the numbers of T in the following individual rows. Only add the individual T to every second gap. String 8x T and 4x R (figure no. 1) in the final row. Pass the line through both holes of the first T and then pass the line through all of the second holes of the T in the last row, pull the Twin into a circle and finish with a strong knot. Pull the end of the line into the nearest holes and cut.

Attach the sewn-round bells to the chunky bracelet chain in the order of 2x sewn-round bells and 1x undecorated bell using a total of nine bells (6 + 3). Connect a snap hook to the end of the chain using the rings and the adjusting chain ended with a seed bead to the other end.

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