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Christmas with Twin™ 2

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads will enable you to create luxurious, original Christmas decorations. You can try the creative use of Twin seed beads, a new two-hole product from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, during the preparation of this Christmas decoration. In this manual, we will tell you how to make the Christmas seed bead lace on a glass bauble step by step. We wish you merry Christmas beadwork with the Twin seed bead.

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The Procedure:

The seed bead ornament consists of six pieces of two types of lacy decoration. First create the individual strips and then connect them with a seed bead ring in the lower section. Place the seed bead decoration on the base of the glass bauble and connect the six lacy strips around the neck of the glass bauble with a seed bead ring.
Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Begin each individual seed bead ornament with a so-called stop bead (figure no. 1). String the seed beads precisely according to the illustration, proceed according to the blue line (figure no. 2): 1x T, 8x R10, 1x R7, 10x R10, 3x R7, 2x R10, 2x T, 1x R10, 2x T, 2x R10, 3x R7, 2x R10, 2x T, 1x R10, 2x T, 2x R10, 3x R7, 10x R10, 1x R7, 8x R10 and 1x T. The next stringing of the seed beads will close this ornament (the red line): proceed precisely according to the illustration (figure no. 3). Use to the list of seed beads in the basic stringing, but in the opposite order. Add the upper curves once the internal ones occur. Connect the ends of the lines with a firm double knot, pull them into the holes of the neighboring seed beads and cut them.
Figure 4

Figure 5

Proceed according to figure no. 4 when making the second type of ornament. First string half the internal curve, add a rocaille to the tip and close the drop with the same stringing in the opposite order. Pass the line through the 1. R7 and add the outer sections of the curves, tighten well and pass the line through the 1. R7 once again. String the seed beads from the internal central curve and the basis of the second lace drop. Leave this part of the stringing a bit looser: it is not necessary to tighten it straight away. The looser stringing will be of benefit when bending the stringing onto the curves of the ornament and when adding further material. Add the outer edge of the drop, the second internal central curve and both outer curves according to the red line (figure no. 5). Tie the ends of the lines in a firm double knot, pull the line back into the holes of the neighboring seed beads and cut.
Connect the two types of ornaments alternately using a seed bead ring. String 6-7x R10 between the individual rings according to the size of the glass bauble.

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