Cell Phone Cover with Czech Glass Beads

Courtesy of Preciosa®

Excellent Accessory

This elegant seed bead mobile phone cover can be made using the unique two-hole Czech Twin™ seed beads by means of a simple stringing which is limited to the so-called peyote stitch. The flat layout of the new Twin seed beads creates a "snake skin" effect. The correct tightening of the threads in the individual rows is important, as is the careful following of the basic procedure as in the case of other more complex procedures. Choose the Twin colors according to your favourite costume jewellery accessories. In this case, we will use an interesting effect from a mix of Preciosa Ornela finishes on black glass. So, let's go!
Figure 1a

Figure 1b
String one seed bead to begin the stringing (see the stop bead, figure 1a). Then string the required number of seed beads according to the length of the mobile (figure 1b).
Figure 2a

Figure 2b
At the beginning of the second row, pass the needle with the thread through the second hole in the last Twin and tighten well (figure 2a). String a new Twin bead and pass the needle with the thread through the nearest Twin of the previous row and string another new Twin bead and continue in this way until the end of the next row (figure 2b).
Figure 3
Use the same procedure from the second row in the following rows. Gaps will arise between the individual seed beads and you should gradually sew the following rows of seed beads into them (figure 3). Tighten each row well so that the final effect is regular and without any gaps between the seed beads.
Figure 4a
Figure 4b

The edges of products sewn in this way using Twin seed beads have characteristic indentations which are easy to sew together (figure 4a). Join the large rectangle in this way and create a cylinder, tighten well and sew it up (figure 4b).
Figure 5a
Figure 5b

Sew the smaller rectangle to one of the edges of the cylinder as the base of the cover according to the drawing (figure 5a). Alternately string T-R-T-R-T-R-T in the first row. Add one Twin on each edge of the second row and gradually sew new Twins into the gaps. In the penultimate row, reduce the number in each row by one Twin and then proceed in the last row in the same way as in the first row and alternate rocailles and Twins (figure 5b).
Figure 5d
Sew in the material lining with a loop for the bracelet, insert it inside and affix it to the lower part of the cover with several stitches.
Figure 6

The bracelet consists of a fixed three-row bracelet made of Twin beads (figure 6). Once again, designate the dimensions as required and according to the hand size so that it slips over the hand. Alternately string 8/0 rocailles and Twins in the first row. Once you have reached the required size, join the stringing with a strong triple knot and pass the needle with the thread or the fine nylon line through the second hole of the first seed bead. Continue as at the beginning of the second row of the basic rectangle. Repeat the entire procedure in the third row and complete the stringing and sew it up. Connect the eye pin to the bracelet at the beginning and end of the stringing. Pass it through a backing piece and connect the eye to a snap hook. Hook the snap hook onto the mobile phone cover's loop.

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