Single-Strand Necklace with Czech Glass Beads

Courtesy of Preciosa®

Hidden In Preciosa Twin™

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents a design for the creative use of the unique oval two-hole PRECIOSA Twin seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand. This two-hole seed bead can be an excellent supplement enabling the extension of the options offered by popular techniques. Beginners will be surprised by the speed at which they achieve an excellent visual effect. In this case, we have used the PRECIOSA Twin seed bead in a so-called circular netting stitch. The PRECIOSA Twin seed bead is a particularly good product for connecting seed beads due to its shape and its two holes, as well as its other useful properties. In the case of this new necklace, we have made excellent use of this option. Try the simple procedure with a guaranteed excellent result and a surprising effect. The simple connection of the strung seed bead lines merely requires the patient counting of the added seed beads. The tubular seed bead net is filled with a stringing of fire polished beads whose colors permeate the seed beads and make the relatively simple shape of the necklace more interesting. So, try this technique. Discover a new technique of using the PRECIOSA Twin seed beads!
Figure 1

The round net is made from eleven connected seed bead rows. Start the stringing with a so-called stop bead. Gradually string 5x R10 and 2x T in the first row. Alternate this procedure until you reach the required length (figure no. 1).
Figure 2

Proceed in the following rows according to the drawing (figure no. 2). Also move the basic procedure on by one seed bead in each subsequent row. String 5x R10 and do not forget to pass the thin line through the second hole of the second Twin seed bead from the previous row before stringing 1x T. Repeat this procedure to the required length of the first row. In the last row, only string a rocaille and pass the line through the second hole of the Twin seed beads in penultimate row.


String the required number of 8 mm seed beads (44x). Insert the seed bead stringing into the seed bead net. Connect the individual lines at each end with a strong knot. Cut the ends of the lines and hide the knot in a wide decorative cup on both sides using eye needles. Attach the snap hook and finish the second side with the chain with a suspended bead of the same color as the beads used in the internal stringing.

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