Seed Beaded Hockey Puck

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Seed Beads Hockey Puck Great Gift For Hockey Fans!

The basis for this Seed Beads Hockey Puck (25.4 ├Ś 75.2mm) are two pieces of metal lids (70mm), a seed bead cover is created around it using a combination of the so-called peyote circular and flat stitches.

The Peyote Stitch

Figure 0A

Figure 0B
This technique is a relatively simple, but highly effective method of working with seed beads. When used in the flat variant, the product acquires the appearance of woven fabric. It is important to correctly tighten the thread in the individual rows and, as with other more complicated techniques, it is also important to adhere to the basic procedure.

The principle here involves sewing the even beads in the row, i.e. every second seed bead is sown from the second row (see the figure 0).

The Circular Peyote Stitch

Figure 1

Figure 3
Join the basic number of seed beads into a ring using a surgeon's knot (1) and sew on larger seed beads in the next rows or add individual seed beads in the individual rows in such a way so that the result is a flat round shape (3-7).

1st row: string 5 rocailles and tie them in a circle with a surgeon's knot.

2nd row: string 1 rocaille and pass the thread through the nearest rocaille from the initial row: repeat this procedure 5x and at the end of the row pass the thread through the first rocaille in this row. (If you omit the stringing of the 1st rocaille, spirals will be created instead of horizontal rows.

Adding Seed Beads (3-7)

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7
String and sew on two seed beads instead of one at the site where you need to expand the work and continue further. Use the classic peyote stitch in the following rows or add seed beads as necessary.

Reducing the Number of Seed Beads (16-19)

Figure 16

Figure 17

Figure 18

Figure 19A

Figure 19B
At the site where you need to reduce the work, sew through two seed beads from the previous row at the place where the seed beads were added and tighten the thread so that no gap remains between the seed beads. Proceed in the next row using the classic peyote stitch or once again reduce the number of seed beads as necessary.

Five seed beads will be left in the last row as in the basic ring. Pass the thread through them again, pull it tight and finish with a strong knot.

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