Bib-Style Necklace with Moonstone Gemstone Beads and Cabochons, Seed Beads and Swarovski Crystal

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Ekaterina Nemets

Aura Necklace

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  • Drop, sea ''opal'' glass, 23x15mm teardrop
  • Bead, milk-blue, 6mm drop
  • Bead, artificial moonstone, 15x25mm drop
  • Seed bead, Matsuno, glass, rainbow light turquoise lined, #11 cut
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, transparent rainbow, #11
  • Seed bead, Matsuno, glass, rainbow light turquoise, #15 cut
  • Seed bead, Toho, transparent inside lined turquoise, #15
  • Seed bead, Toho, transparent rainbow inside lined golden, #15
  • Seed bead, Miyuki glass, transparent yellow with 4mm "off-hole" drop
  • Embellishment, Swarovski crystal rhinestone, light beige, 12mm rivoli, undrilled (5 rivolis)
  • Cabochon, artifical moonstone, 18mm round
  • Cabochon, artifical moonstone, 30x40mm oval
  • Fabric for backing, which does not need trimming (cloth, felt or 5 - 6 layers of glued interlining)
Figure 1a

Figure 1b

Figure 1c
The author of this necklace offers a "lazy method" of beading rivolis.

Take some leather of high quality and cut a circle the same diameter as your rivoli is. The leather should be neither too thin nor too thick to let your beading needle go through very well. Embroider the edge of the leather circle from the top side, using so called "Russian method" (Fig. 1a). The beads should be embroidered very close to each other. Then weave one row as shown in Fig. 1b. Now put your rivolis into the "cup" you have got, trying to match the center. Work one row of golden seed beads (Fig. 1c) and pull the thread tightly.
Figure 2a
Beading the large cabochon. Basically bead a chain using two needles (Fig. 2a). While working the last link of the chain, connect it into a ring. This ring should go round the cabochon, fitting it. Thus the length of the chain depends on the size of your cabochon.
Figure 2b
Add a row of golden seed beads from each side (Fig. 2b).
Figure 2c
Now start working with one needle. Bead a back side as shown in Figure 2c. Go through the beads of the last row for several times and pull the thread tightly.
Figure 2d
Use the second needle to continue beading from the other side of the ring. Work the top side according to Figure 2d, mount your cabochon and tighten up.
Figure 3a

Figure 3b

Figure 3c
Embroidering the small cabochon. Glue the cabochon onto the fabric. Let it dry. Sew a basic row of seed beads (Fig. 3a). Continue beading your cabochon as shown in Fig. 3b. Go through the beads of the last row several times and pull the thread tightly. Work one row of size 15 golden seed beads and another row of size 11 turquoise cut seed beads round the cabochon through perimeter of cabochon. Trim all excess fabric as close to the last row of seed beads as possible. Glue some leather to the back side. Work the trimming row as shown in Fig. 3c.
Picture 1
Embroidering other elements of the necklace. Make a sketch of one element or make a photocopy of Picture 1.

Transfer the sketch onto the fabric. Make three copies of this sketch and three other ones in the mirror image. Embroider each element referring to the photograph for color changes within the design. Glue some leather to the back side. Let the glue dry and trim the excess leather. Work the trimming row as shown in Fig. 1a, using size 11 seed beads.

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